Adjunct Faculty


Adjunct Faculty

Jerry Aldredge, English

B.A., Houston Baptist College; M.A., Sam Houston State College

Thomas Allen, English

M.Ed., Plymouth State College

Kyle Aubut, Welding

AAS, White Mountains Community College

David Benckendorf, Criminal Justice/Social Science/Humanities

JD, University of Illinois

Lawrence Bienemann, Humanities/Business

B.S., Alliance College

Larry Blaisdell, Criminal Justice

B.S., New Hampshire College

Kevin Brungot, Social Science

M.Ed., Plymouth State University

Michelle Bushaw-Fox, Mathematics

M.Ed., Plymouth State University

Erica Buteau, Computers/Office Technology

B.S., Granite State College

Kathleen Campbell, English

M.Ed., Antioch University, University of New Hampshire

Dennis Carrier, Welding

Certificate, NH Community College NH Teacher Certification

Joseph Casciari, Science

Ph.D., University of Rochester

John Colbath, Nursing

MBA, University of New Hampshire

Robert Collman, Computer Courses

BA, Franconia College

Pamela Comeau, Massage Therapy

A.A., Keene State College

Pauline Corzilius, Science

M.S., University of New Hampshire. M.Ed.,Plymouth State University

Allen Cummings, Mathematics

B.A., Plymouth State College.

Christopher Darling, Science

B.S., University of Maine, Farmington

Pamela Delli-Colli, Humanities/Social Science

M.A., University of Aberdeen.

Jason DiGiulio, English

Ed.D., Argosy University; M.F.A., Goddard College

Denise Doucette, Music

B.S. Granite State College

Kelly Dube, Medical Office


Frank Dumaine, Criminal Justice

B.A., Florida Southern College

Sue Ellen Dunn, Human Services

M.Ed., Cambridge College

Eugenia Formeister, Massage Therapy

Licensed Therapist, Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy

Kimberly French, Social Science

M.Ed., Plymouth State College

Peter Gagnon, Humanities/Social Science

M.Ed., Plymouth State College

Lynn Grey, Accounting

M.B.A., New Hampshire College

Christopher Hamel, Criminal Justice

M.S., Springfield College

Donna Hart, Social Science

M.S., Southern Connecticut State University

Rebecca Hebert-Sweeny, Teacher Education

M.A., Special Ed, University of Maine/Orono; M.A., Reading, UNH; CAGS., Plymouth State University

Lydia Hill, English
B.A., Boston State College

David Holt, Mobile Equipment Technology


Tina Host, Phlebotomy

A.A., NH Community Technical College

Caryn Johnk, Social Science

M.A., State University of New York/Albany

Jacques-Jude Lepine, Humanities

French Baccalaureate, Social Sciences, Paris; M.Th., St. Vladimir's

Orthodox Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Stanford University.

Alexandra Kimberley-Bryant, English

MAT, Smith College

Kim LaDuke, Mathematics

B.S., University of New Hampshire

Stacie Leclerc, Human Services

MA, Naropa University

Nicole Leone, Mathematics

M.S., University of Connecticut

James Martin, Science

M.S. University of New Hampshire

Elizabeth Mills, Science

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin/Madison

Jarod Mills, Massage Therapy

M.S., Florida International University

David Moore, English

B.A., University of Massachusetts/Lowell

Ann Morin, Criminal Justice

MS, University of Phoenix

Linda Murphy-Luck, Massage Therapy

M.A., Cambridge College

Jane O’Donnell, Massage Therapy

A.A., Colby Sawyer Collegec; Registered MA, Carnegie Institute; Certified EMT

Tracia O'Shana, Early Childhood Education

B.S., Rhode Island College M.S., Graceland College

Patrick Perkins, Criminal Justice

M.A. Springfield College.

Sylvie Pratte, English

M.A. Springfield College

Fran Rancourt, Liberal Arts

Ed.D., Argosy University; M.Ed., Plymouth State University

Bruce Richards, English

B.A., Brown University

M.A., University of California at San Francisco

Jessica Riendeau, Criminal Justice

MJA, Norwich University

Pierre Rousseau, Welding

BS, Lowell Technological Institute

Michael Russell, Management

Ph.D., University of Illinois

Scott Ryder, Human Services

B.S., Springfield College

Beth Satter, Nursing

M.S.N., University of Wyoming

Nancy Sinclair, English

MA, Indiana University

Nancy Smith, Nursing

M.Ed., Plymouth State College

Richard Smith, Computer Technology

B.A., Granite State College

Kathy Sosny, Early Childhood Education

B.A., Clark University

M.Ed., Plymouth State College

Tom Sweeny, Mathematics

B.A., M.S.T., University of New Hampshire.

Gerard Theriault, Welding

Certified Welder

Sheldon Towne, Water/Wastewater Technology

B.S. Plymouth State College

Sarah Tucker, Spatial Information Technology

BA, Simmons College

Stacey Turmel, Science

MPT, University of New England

Elizabeth Williams, English

M.A., Oakland University

Paul Williams, Science

M.A,. Plymouth State University

Denise Wood, Computer Courses

M.Ed, Graceland University

Alan Woodward, Humanities/Social Science

M.A., University of New Hampshire

Debra Zuk, Massage Therapy

J.D., Franklin Pierce Law Center



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