WMCC Can Improve Your Earnings

wmcc WMCC Can Improve Your Earnings

WMCC Can Improve Your Earnings

Katharine Eneguess, President of White Mountains Community College

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Educational Attainment, adults who have earned an associate degree can expect to earn 15 percent more each year than those who have some college, but who did not earn a degree. Included in the group who have some college but no degree, are people who started out at traditional four-year residential colleges but who dropped out.

Though some in this second group most likely finished two or three years at higher education institutions which grant bachelor degrees, they did not leave those institutions with a diploma or certificate. While one can debate to what extent personal factors played a part for instance, how many of those who dropped out of four-year colleges did so because they were partying too much to earn passing grades? It no doubt strengthens job seekers' positions when they can document that they have enough of an attention span, and were motivated enough, to earn an associate degree or professional certificate. Employees bring those traits with them to the workplace, and employers often show their appreciation of this through higher pay. These employers also know these workers have the skills they need in order to complete their daily tasks in an efficient and professional manner.

At White Mountains Community College we work hard to increase the odds that those who leave our classrooms with an associate degree or professional certificate will be fully qualified for the career for which they have trained in their field. We work hard to keep our curriculum relevant to the workplace. We depend on help from the wider community to do so, in the form of an advisory committee for each of our programs. Included in the membership of these committees are professionals who work in the field in which they advise. They know what skills and knowledge are relevant to today's workplace because they live it every day.

We are also lucky to have members of our faculty who work in the fields in which they teach. These teachers, from our programs such as Nursing and Accounting, bring what they have learned from years of real-life experience with them into the classroom, which they don't hesitate to share with our students.

It is still a tough employment market for those who are looking for work or who are just starting out on a career path. Though our unemployment statistics are better in New Hampshire than in most other states, there is still a lot of competition for job openings. Having a college degree or a professional certificate can propel you head and shoulders over the competition, and, when you're settled into your new job, it can make you a valuable employee.

That 15 percent extra each year that you can expect to earn if you attain an associate degree or professional certificate adds up over the course of a lifetime. For more information on how to start investing in your education give us a call at 752-111.

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