Introduction to Industrial Maintenance/Millwright


Introduction to Industrial Maintenance/Millwright

Industrial Maintenance/Millwright Certificate Program Outcomes
Industrial Maintenance/Millwright Certificate Cost Chart

The Industrial Maintenance/Millwright certificate builds upon the Advanced Welding program and leverages existing partnerships with industry to launch students into a growing field with great career prospects. Industrial Maintenance job opportunities are projected to grow at 17% per year! Millwrights are responsible for installing and maintaining giant turbines in power plants, conveyer systems, and generators. They also carry out precision work and Industrial Maintenance in manufacturing plants.  The Industrial Maintenance/Millwright program starts by providing the student with the welding skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the AWS certification in the SMAW (Stick) and FCAW (Flux Cored) processes. The student will also learn the GMAW (MIG) process and the necessary safety skills and knowledge needed for employment in today’s industry.  The student will then progress into more detailed courses in maintenance such as Hydraulics, Mechanical Systems and Pumps & Compressors.  In addition, WMCC has partnered with the Eastern Millwright Regional Council to deliver two courses: Introduction to Millwrighting and Safety in Industry.  


Fall Semester Class Lab Credit
INDM101W Rigging & Hoisting 0 2 1
INDM112W Mechanical Systems 3 2 4
MEDA103W First Aid, CPR, Bloodborn Pathogens 1 0 1
PROF101W Professional Readiness 1 0 1
WELD101W Welding Safety 1 0 1
WELD102W Oxy-Acetylene Cutting and Beveling 0 4 2
WELD103W SMAW Theory 1 0 1
WELD104W SMAW Lab 0 6 3
WELD106W Blueprint Reading l 2 0 2
WELD110W Math for Welders 2 0 2


11 14 18
Spring Semester Class Lab Credit
DSL102W Applied Hydraulics 2 3 3
INDM105W Intro to Maintenance/Millwright 0 3 1
INDM109W Safety in Industry (OSHA) 3 0 3
PHYS113W Electricity and Electronics 3 2 4
WELD205W GTAW Theory 1 0 1
WELD206W Blueprint Reading ll 2 0 2
WELD210W GTAW Lab 0 7 3
WELD225W AWS Certification 0 6 3


11 21 20

Total for Certificate:


Industrial Maintenance/Millwright Certificate Gainful Employment Disclosure

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