Outdoor Recreation Management Certificate


Outdoor Recreation Management Certificate

Outdoor Recreation Management Program Outcomes
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The Outdoor Recreation Management Certificate is designed to prepare students with entry level skills for the expanding field of recreation. The certificate provides a foundation for the positive application of outdoor recreation, and leisure across Northern New Hampshire. Through classroom and Internship learning activities, students attain a knowledge of and practical experience in programming and delivery of recreational services, environmental sensitivity, communication, business management and leadership skills. Participation in recreation activity courses equips students with the technical skills necessary to plan, lead and facilitate safe outdoor recreation adventures and programs.

Fall Semester   Lec Lab Cr
BACC111 Accounting I 3 0 3
BBUS122 Internship Portfolio Development 1 0 1
BENG120 College Composition 3 0 3
BHUM120 Environmental Issues 3 0 3
BMGT212 Marketing 3 0 3
BMGT214 Management 3 0 3
   Semester Total 16 0 16
Spring Semester        
BCOM125 Comprehensive Presentation Methods 3 0 3
BENV110  Introduction to Environmental Science 4 0 4
BMGT116 Outdoor Recreation Management Internship I 0 6 2
BMGT216 Project Management Seminar 3 0 3
  Semester Total 10 6 12
Summer Semester        
BMGT225 Outdoor Recreation Management Internship II 0 9 3
  Semester Total 0 9 3
  Certificate Total     31

Note: The Outdoor Recreation Management Certificate has the Internship as its foundation and the college encourages students to participate in multiple, recreation management opportunities.  For this reason Internship I and II can be taken in any one of the three semesters.

Outdoor Recreation Management Certificate Gainful Employment Disclosure

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