Phlebotomy Certificate


Phlebotomy Certificate

Phlebotomy Certificate Program Outcomes
Phlebotomy Certificate Cost Chart

This program is NOT financial aid eligible.

Phlebotomists (PBT) practice standard precautions, perform venipuncture, perform capillary puncture, and obtain specimens for microbiological testing. Students who successfully complete this certificate are eligible to sit for a national certification examination offered by several professional organizations.

Students who are accepted into the Phlebotomy program and/or class will:

  1. Submit a completed health record, including proof of required immunizations.
  2. Provide proof of health insurance. (Available to matriculated students through the college.)
  3. Obtain and maintain current BLS-C (Basic Life Support) certification to be accepted into the externship class.
  4. Have professional liability insurance for clinical classes, phlebotomy, and affiliation. (Available through the college.)
  5. Possess and maintain personal health insurance for phlebotomy and the externship.
  6. Complete the Phlebotomy class with an 80 average to be eligible to be accepted into the internship class.
  7. Provide an approved criminal background check through the college approved vendor.
  8. Submit for a drug test should the internship site require testing.

*The above criteria (#1-5) must be completed prior to the first week in October.

Health Considerations

The college must ensure that clients, patients or medical information are not placed in jeopardy by students during learning experiences.  Therefore, students in office or clinical experiences must demonstrate sufficient emotional stability to withstand the stresses, uncertainties and changing circumstances that characterize client/patient/medical information responsibilities or be removed from placement.  Furthermore, the student is expected to have the emotional stability required to exercise sound judgment, accept direction and guidance from a supervisor or faculty member, and establish rapport and maintain sensitive interpersonal relationships with employers, clients/patients and their families.

Students must also be aware that site placement will require criminal background checks, proof of insurances, general health statements from personal providers, as well as additional titers or vaccinations beyond what the college requires.  Students will be required to pay a materials fee in addition to tuition charges.  Phlebotomy internships are limited in number and are filled based on who fulfills the required grades and paperwork first.  Those who do not get everything completed in a timely manner could be wait-listed to the next internship class.

Phlebotomy Certificate
Fall Semester Lec Lab Cr
MEDA202W Phlebotomy 3 3 4
Spring Semester Lec Lab Cr
MEDA204W Phlebotomy Internship 0 9 3
Total for Certificate 3 12 7

Phlebotomy Certificate Gainful Employment Disclosure

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