BNUR111 Nursing I
(7 Credits)
Presents concepts which provide an orientation to the historic and philosophic perspectives of nursing and the scientific principles which form the foundation for nursing practice. An introduction to the role of the nurse, legal and ethical considerations in nursing practice, the nursing process and the helping relationship are presented. Basic physiologic and psychosociocultural needs of the individual and adaptive responses to health and illness are addressed. Nursing techniques which help meet basic needs and medication dosage calculations are presented in the clinical learning lab. Clinical experience is provided which allows the student to use the theoretical concepts in delivering nursing care to the older adult. (Prerequisite - Corequisite: BBIO114)

BNUR112 Nursing II
(6 Credits)
Examines the physiological and psychosocial needs and nursing care of the individual and family experiencing the stress of surgery and treatment of cancer. Principles of medication administration, fluid and electrolyte balance and oxygenation are introduced. Concepts of pharmacology, nutrition, and legal-ethical issues are integrated. Clinical experience allows the student to use theoretical concepts in the provision of nursing care to individuals and families in a structured setting. (Prerequisite: BNUR111; Prerequisite - Corequisite: BBIO114)

BNUR113 Nursing III
(6 Credits)
Presents the nursing process as a framework for nursing care of the family experiencing childbirth and parenting. The course continues to examine the physiologic, psychosocial, and cultural factors which influence the individual's and family's response to health and illness. Nursing interventions which support adaptive responses to normal growth and development of the child and family are introduced. Nursing care of the child experiencing common health problems is also addressed integrating the concepts of pharmacology, nutrition, and legal-ethical concerns. Clinical experience provides nursing care to families and children in a variety of settings. (Prerequisite: BNUR112; Prerequisite - Corequisite:BBIO115)

BNUR114 Nursing IV
(6 Credits)
Continues to present the nursing process as a framework to providing nursing care throughout the lifespan. Emphasis is directed toward identifying stressors which impact upon the individual's and family's response to common health problems. Nursing interventions which promote optimal well-being are addressed integrating the concepts of growth and development, pharmacology, nutrition, ethics and accountability. Clinical experience provides an opportunity to incorporate theoretical concepts of nursing care to patients and families. (Prerequisite: BNUR113; Prerequisite - Corequisite: BBIO115)

BNUR211 Nursing V
(11 Credits)
Examines the theoretical concepts of comprehensive nursing care to individuals experiencing multiple health problems. Basic psychosocial and cultural aspects are integrated with physical parameters within the framework of the nursing process, which supports and promotes the effective adaptation in individuals confronted with complex illnesses. The role and responsibility of the technical nurse is integrated with clinical experiences. (Prerequisites: Completion of all Level I requirements and BPSY111; Prerequisite - Corequisite: BBIO211)

BNUR212 Nursing VI
(9 Credits)
Continues to focus on the delivery of comprehensive care, including psychiatric nursing, to those experiencing multiple health problems. Current health care trends and issues are integrated. Students will provide comprehensive nursing care based on the nursing process to multiple patients with complex problems in the acute care setting and leadership in a variety of settings. (Prerequisites: BNUR211,BBIO211)

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