Office Technology Management


Office Technology Management

BOFT111 Business Documentation
(3 Credits)
This course develops keyboarding skills and introduces formatting techniques to basic office documents. Students will develop proofreading and language art skills in the production of various office documents.

BOFT113 Formatting in Word
(3 Credits)
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) skills are developed, along with keyboarding speed and accuracy.

BOFT117 Medical Terminology
(3 credits)
Uses a systems approach to present the vocabulary necessary for persons employed in the allied health professions. Topics covered include building a medical vocabulary; introduction to anatomy; the medical history and physical examination; all body systems including eye, ear, nose and throat; surgery; discharge summaries; pathology; mental health; and autopsies.

BOFT120 Office Systems and Procedures
(3 Credits)
This course provides a realistic approach for students to learn the skills required in a medical office, including communications, records management, telecommunications, scheduling, and terminology.

BOFT213 Internship Seminar
(4 Credits)
This course gives 180 hours of work experience in an office setting and a one-hour/week seminar during the spring or summer semester of the senior year.

BOFT218 Administrative Office Management
(3 Credits)
This course provides a strong, management-based background using a humanistic approach for managing and supervising staff in an office environment.

BOFT220 Medical Billing
(3 Credits)
This course is intended to take a student interested in working in a medical office through the insurance billing process - source documents, insurance claim cycle, coding, insurance programs, fees and managed care. (Prerequistes: BOFT225 or POI)

BOFT222 Advanced PC Topics
(3 Credits)
Students will learn advanced publishing techniques, operating systems, and other technology practices that are used in an office.

BOFT225 E/M Coding and ICD-10
(3 Credits)
This course is designed to cover the intricacies of Evaluation and Management (E/M) coding. The students will also develop an understanding of how modifiers are used with various CPT codes. ICD-10-CM is completely covered in this introductory class. (Co-requisites: BBIO120, BOFT117 or POI)

BOFT226 Coding with CPT
(3 Credits)
This course moves beyond Evaluation and Management (E/M), Modifiers, and diagnostic coding to the surgery section of CPT, which includes the specialty areas such as the integumentary, musculoskeletal, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. The course also addresses the coding areas of radiology, maternity care, and delivery. Students will develop their skill set that is needed to sit for the CPC exam. (Co-requisite: BOFT225 or POI)

BOFT227 Advanced Coding
(3 Credits)
Students will apply what they learned in the previous coding classes to analyze the reports to determine the diagnoses and procedural codes. This class will give the students practice of what they will find in an actual medical office setting. (Prerequisites: BBIO120, BOFT117, BOFT225, 226 or POI)

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