SRVY111W Methods of Surveying
(3 Credits)
An introductory course stressing the attainment of practical, field-oriented surveying skills. The use of the transit and level, taping and electronic distance measurement, horizontal and vertical angle measurement, traverse and area calculations will be covered. (Corequisite: MATH180W or POI)

SRVY115W Surveying and Mapping Techniques
(4 Credits)
An advanced course in field surveying stressing the collection of data in the field using total stations, robotic total stations, and data collectors.  Data collected during field projects will be processed in the office using Carlson Survey 2013 and will combine traverse closures, coordinate geometry (CoGo) calculations with plan & plat production.

SRVY212W Surveying and Mapping
(3 Credits)
An advanced field-oriented course emphasizing topographic mapping and plat production techniques. Topics include traverses, area determination, trigonometric leveling, topographic surveys, electronic data collection with Carlson, TDS & Topcon Data collection software, and map production using Carlson Survey software. (Prerequisite: SRVY111W; Co-requisite: SRVY213W)

SRVY213W Computer Applications for Surveyors
(3 Credits)
A specialized course in surveying applications software. The student will solve a variety of commonly encountered surveying calculations and problems utilizing Carlson Survey software. (Prerequisite: SRVY111W; Co-requisite: SRVY212W)

SRVY214W Advanced Surveying
(4 Credits)
An intensive final course in advanced surveying techniques for the student enrolled in the surveying option. Topics include horizontal and vertical curves, spiral curves, solar observations, statistical analysis, geodesy and state plane coordinates. (Prerequisites: SRVY212W, 213W)

SRVY215W Construction Surveying
(1 Credit)
Represents an in-depth treatment of the specialized technique and skills required of the surveyor involved with major construction. Topics include development of vertical and horizontal control, preliminary site surveys, earth work, structure staking and grading, quantities determination and machinery placement. (Prerequisite: SRVY213W)

SRVY216W Survey Law
(3 Credits)
Provides an in-depth examination of the American legal system as it relates to the professional land surveyor. Topics include historical development of land ownership and land description systems, legal terminology, evidence, title, easements and rights of way, conveyancing and location of boundaries. (Prerequisite: SRVY111W)

SRVY217W Surveying Problems
(3 Credits)
A field-oriented independent study course designed to further develop skills required of a land surveyor. Complete surveys of two parcels are required including legal research, traverse, and topographic survey. GPS and production of a final plat and complete job file are required. (Prerequisites: SRVY212W, 213W, 216W)

SRVY219W Global Positioning Systems
(3 Credits)
This course is a comprehensive treatment of both the theory and practical use of global positioning systems for the collection of horizontal and vertical positional data for surveying, GIS, and natural resource applications. Mapping grade code and survey grade carrier phase GPS receivers and software will be used extensively. (Prerequisite: MATH180W; SRVY111W suggested but not required)

SRVY220W Survey Practice
(3 Credits)
An advanced course in the surveying curriculum covering advanced data collection and processing, robotic total station use, least squares adjustment, plat production, office procedures, subdivision design and regulatory issues. (Prerequisites: SRVY212W, 213W)

SRVY300W Surveying Independent Studies
(3 Credits)
This course allows individuals to pursue education in advanced topics in surveying by independent study. Students will design a course outline in cooperation with their advisor and the coordinator of the surveying program. Prerequisites include either senior status in the surveying degree program or graduate of a surveying degree program or an individual working in the surveying profession with the attainment of Land Surveyor in Training certification or Licensed Land Surveyor registration.

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