Course Descriptions


Course Descriptions

Course Categories

NOTE: Prerequisites may be waived with permission of instructor (POI).

Note on Liberal Arts classification

The following courses satisfy Liberal Arts requirements:

English: Courses with BENG prefix

Humanities: BENG213, BENG214, BENG215, BENG217, BENG223, BENG224, BENG226, BENG227, BENG229, BENG230, BENG233, BENG234, BENG238, BENG239, BENG243, BENG245, BHIS211, BHIS213, BHIS214, BHIS215, BHIS216, and courses with BANT, BART, BHUM, BLAN, and BPHI prefixes

Literature: BENG213, BENG214, BENG217, BENG223, BENG226, BENG233, BENG234, BENG238, BENG245

Mathematics: Courses with BMAT prefix (except BMAT087 and BMAT089)

Science: BENV110, BENV115 and courses with BBIO, BCHE, BGEO, and BPHY prefixes

Social Science: Courses with BECO, BHIS, BPSY, BPHI, BPOL, and BSOC prefixes; BANT101



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