HIST211W America in the 20th Century
(3 Credits)
A survey of history of the United States from 1900 to the present focusing upon areas of social, economic, political and diplomatic history. (Prerequisite - Corequisite: ENG120W strongly recommended)

HIST213W United States in the Great Depression
(3 Credits)
An in-depth examination of the economic, political, cultural and social consequences of the events occurring between years 1929-1941. Special emphasis will be placed on the linkage of the relationships of corporate and governmental institutions as they emerged, developed and affected the United States. (Prerequisite - Corequisite: ENG120W strongly recommended)

HIST214W Western Civilization I
(3 Credits)
An introduction to the historical analysis of the development of the institutions, ideologies and events that shaped the foundations of Western Civilization. The origins and evolution of Near Eastern Classical Greek, Roman and late Middle Ages civilizations are explored through lectures, discussions, readings and video presentations. These formative centuries are also analyzed from the cultural perspective through the year 1500. (Prerequisite -- Corequisite: ENG120W strongly recommended)

HIST215W Western Civilization II
(3 Credits)
This course examines the cultural, political, economic and religious evolution of Western thought and the development of Western Civilization from 1500 to the present. The study explores the decline of absolute monarchies, rise of revolutionary ideologies, the Enlightenment, political revolutions in Western nations, industrialization, the birth of modern science and the process of change extant in our contemporary world. (Prerequisite -- Corequisite: ENG120W strongly recommended)

HIST216W United States History to 1877
(3 Credits)
A survey of American history from earliest colonial settlements to the conclusion of the Civil War/Reconstruction Period. Emphasis will be on the European discovery of the Americas, development of cultural, economic and political institutions in colonial times, the coming of the revolution and consolidation of the republic, the expansion of democracy, the westward movement, and the Civil War. (Prerequisite - Corequisite: ENG120W strongly recommended)

HIST218W America's Civil War 1861-1865
(3 Credits)
This course is designed to give students a comprehensive overview of America’s Civil War including the causes, economies, logistics, statistics, weaponry, uniforms, railroads, and leaders both civilian and military of the North and the South. When completed, students should be able to understand why we went to war, why it took four years to finish, and which people had the most impact on the outcome, as well as the day-to-day activities of military life, strategic battles, new technologies, and the final impact, which still effects us today.

HIST220W Liberty and Tyranny
(3 Credits)
This course will cover what liberty and tyranny look like.  Analysis of the rule of law, propaganda, economic conditions, education of the people, power centers, and other factors will be employed to gain an understanding of freedom and how to remain free.  There will be a brief study of famous tyrants with a more in-depth look at Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.  Liberty and tyranny in America is the third major section of the course.  During that section of the course a study of the founding documents and the importance of citizen participation will be covered.  Participation in classroom discussions will be evaluated on quality, thoughtful support, and frequency of input.  A final research paper from a selected topics list will be required.  Students may also choose their own topic with approval from the teacher.  (Prerequisite – Co-requisite: ENGL120W strongly recommended)

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