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How to change your lifestyle and professional confidence in the next two years!

An Associate Degree in Accounting provides students with the necessary skills to enter the business field and increase their earnings potential by a half a million dollars over a 40 year working life*. Our accounting program will prepare you for taking on small to medium business accounting records from daily entries through financial statements to tax returns and managerial analysis. 

Graduates of the program will be proficient in Windows XP, Quickbooks, Tax Cut software, Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as packaged accounting software. 

Upon graduation, students are prepared to enter the accounting profession in positions that may include the following: accountant, accounts payable and accounts receivable administrator, administrative assistant, auditor, office manager, or tax preparer. Several graduates have also chosen to use their accounting knowledge to begin their own business. We work with Plymouth State, Lyndon State and locally with Granite State College for students who wish to transfer credits after two years to a four-year college.

We have strong relations with Franklin University in Ohio coordinating a third year of study to be taken at White Mountains Community College, and finishing with a fourth year on-line with Franklin University. This alliance leads to a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

*United States Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics

First Year
Fall Semester Lec Lab Cr
BACC111 Accounting I 3 0 3
BBUS112 Intro to Business Administration 3 0 3
BECO111 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 0 3
BENG120 College Composition 3 0 3
  Liberal Arts OR Humanities 3 0 3
  Semester Total  15 0 15
Spring Semester Lec Lab Cr
BACC114 Financial Accounting 3 0 3
BCOM120 Spreadsheets Project 3 0 3
BMGT112 Intro to Business Logic and Ethics 3 0 3
  Humanities Elective OR Liberal Arts 3 0 3
  Mathematics Elective 3 0 3
  Semester Total  15 0 15
  First Year Total      30
Second Year
Fall Semester Lec Lab Cr
BACC213 Taxation 3 0 3
BACC222 Intermediate Accounting 3 0 3
BECO112 Principles of Microeconomics 3 0 3
BENG211 Technical Writing 3 0 3
BMGT214 Management 3 0 3
  Science Elective 3 0 3
  Semester Total  18 0 18
Spring Semester Lec Lab Cr
BACC214 Managerial Finance and Accounting 3 0 3
BACC220 Accounting Internship 1 3 2
BCOM113 Accounting with QuickBooks 3 0 3
BMGT215 Business Law 3 0 3
  Mathematics Elective 3 0 3
  Liberal Arts Elective 3 0 3
  Semester Total  16 3 17
  Second Year Total      35
  Total for A.S. Degree      65


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