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We are the starting point for future business leaders.

Our fully-accredited program will give you the skills to be ready for tomorrow's job-market challenges.

The Business Administration program at White Mountains Community College is meeting the challenge of today's dynamic business and economic environment. We recognize that global outsourcing is hollowing out the structure of many medium to large businesses. Many of the routine, well codified back office skill sets will see a decline in demand in the coming years as those jobs are outsourced to other nations. Our program will not only give its graduates academic skills, but will also provide them experience in using imagination to think creatively and strategically. 

The coursework has been designed to satisfy the requirements of the first two years of a four-year business administration degree, as well as to give the students core competency in all of the general business disciplines. By completing our program, the students will gain knowledge in management, accounting, finance, strategy, economics, statistics, marketing, operations/project management, entrepreneurship, and computer applications. This core set of operational and strategic business skills is complimented with general education courses from science, from the social sciences, from the humanities, and with courses in English composition and oral communications. We also require students to complete a semester course in comprehensive presentation methods so that our future business leaders can effectively communicate ideas through speech and multimedia.

Our Business Administration program integrates the use of the most current information technology tools. All courses require the use of computer applications, including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, and the use of electronic collaboration.

Graduates of the program are qualified for a broad selection of jobs in the front office. They will also have the tools necessary to plan and start their own business. Finally, if they wish to continue their higher education, they will have the credentials to transfer into the third year of a four-year business.

First Year
Fall Semester Lec Lab Cr
BACC111 Accounting I 3 0 3
BBUS112 Intro to Business Administration 3 0 3
BECO111 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 0 3
BENG120 College Composition 3 0 3
  Humanities Elective 3 0 3
  Semester Total  15 0 15
Spring Semester Lec Lab Cr
BBUS116 Business Plan Development 3 0 3
BCOM120 Spreadsheets Project 3 0 3
BCOM125 Comprehensive Presentation Methods 3 0 3
BMGT112 Intro to Business Logic and Ethics 3 0 3
  Mathematics 3 0 3
  Science Elective 3 0 3
  Semester Total  18 0 18
  First Year Total      33

Second Year
Fall Semester Lec Lab Cr
BECO112 Principles of Microeconomics 3 0 3
BENG211 Technical Writing 3 0 3
BMGT212 Marketing 3 0 3
BMGT214 Management 3 0 3
  Elective 3 0 3
  Semester Total  15 0 15
Spring Semester Lec Lab Cr
BACC214 Managerial Finance and Accounting 3 0 3
BMAT214 Statistics 4 0 4
BMGT215 Business Law 3 0 3
BMGT224 Management Internship 0 3 1
BMGT230 Leadership and Strategic Management 3 0 3
BMGT216 Project Management Seminar 3 0 3
  Semester Total  16 3 17
  Second Year Total      32
  Total for A.S. Degree      65


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