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Information Technology Degree

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Computer equipment is essential to the success of business and industry. Personal computers facilitate communications, information processing and the recording of business transactions. Keeping these increasingly sophisticated systems working properly is the responsibility of computer technicians and computer support specialists. 

The Associate Degree in Information Technology provides students with extensive training in personal computer hardware and software. The program provides up-to-date practical experience using Intel Pentium-based PCs. Graduates are proficient in Unix, Microsoft Windows 7/8/20XX, networking topologies, hardware maintenance, programming, Internet, database management, and Cisco network routers. Students also become familiar with application design and development process for computer software and complex networks.

Offered in conjunction with Cisco Networking Academy program, networking courses are taught by certified Cisco instructors who prepare students for Cisco Certified Network Associate program. Hardware courses are taught by A+ certified instructors who prepare the students for CompTIA A+ certification.

Graduates will have expertise in computer hardware, maintenance and operating systems. They troubleshoot and solve common problems that occur with personal computers, networks, peripherals and software. They install and maintain computers and computer networks, and have the skills necessary for programming computers to perform specific functions. Graduates are well prepared to enter the job market as a PC support specialists, PC technicians, network administrators or programmers.

Students may also opt to enroll in the two-semester Information Technology Certificate program, designed to provide specific skills and competencies for the computer user.

White Mountains Community College has an articulation agreement with Plymouth State University. Students who complete the Associate in Science degree in Information Technology with course grades of C or better can transfer all credits earned at WMCC to the Plymouth State University Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and enter under junior status. A pathway to a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science is also in place with the University of New Hampshire – Manchester.

First Year
Fall Semester Lec Lab Cr
IST113W IT Essentials 3 2 4
IST120W Web Design I 3 0 3
IST125W Introduction to Programming 3 2 4
IST151W Computer Networking l 3 0 3
ENGL120W College Composition 4 0 3
PROF101W Professional Readiness 1 0 1

Semester Total

17 4 19
Spring Semester Lec Lab Cr
IST114W Fundamentals of Unix 3 0 3
IST153W Computer Networking Il 3 2 4
ENGL211W Technical Writing 3 0 3
PHYS113W Electricity & Electronics 3 2 4
  Mathematics 4 0 4

Semester Total





First Year Total



Second Year
Fall Semester




IST115W Object Oriented Programming with JAVA 3 2 4
IST232W Computer Security 3 0 3
IST251W Computer Networking IIl 3 2 4
COMP105W Introduction to Database Management 1 0 1
  Liberal Arts Elective 3 0 3
  Mathematics 4 0 4

Semester Total

17 2 18
Spring Semester Lec Lab Cr
IST230W Network Servers and Security 3 0 3
IST235W SQL Databases 3 0 3
IST244W Computer Networking lV 3 0 3
  Humanities 3 0 3
  Social Science 3 0 3

Semester Total





Second Year Total


Total for A.S. Degree