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  Surveying has changed dramatically with the integration of computers, robotic surveying instruments and global positioning systems into the surveying profession. Students studying Surveying Technology will learn the most current surveying techniques using the latest surveying equipment. Students have the opportunity to become proficient in using electronic total stations, robotic instruments, surveying data collectors and global positioning systems equipment, as well as the supporting computer software programs.

The two-year Associate Degree program is designed for students who wish to follow a career in surveying, with a path towards licensure as a Licensed Land Surveyor or professional land surveyor. Students will learn survey-related computer skills in one of the best-equipped computer labs in New Hampshire. Carlson Survey, Carlson SurvNet, Idrisi, Ashtech GNSS, Mobilemapper Office, and Trimble PathFinder Office software programs are taught in a lab dedicated to surveying and GIS.

Graduates will be skilled in performing topographic and boundary line surveys, as well as construction and engineering surveys. Graduates will be able to perform standard survey calculations such as traverses, horizontal and vertical curves, solar observations, state plane coordinates, quantities and area determinations. Additional surveying skills that the graduate will take into the job market include the ability to research deeds and public records, an understanding of the American legal system and experience in using sophisticated global positioning systems receivers and software.


First Year
Fall Semester Lec Lab Cr
BCOM126 Introduction to CAD 1 4 3
BENG120 College Composition 3 0 3
BFOR211 Introduction to Tree and Shrub Identification 0 2 1
BGIS112 Intro to Geographic Information Systems 2 2 3
BMAT180 Pre-Calculus 4 0 4
BSUR111 Methods of Surveying 2 2 3
  Semester Total  12 10 17
Spring Semester Lec Lab Cr
BENG211 Technical Writing 3 0 3
BGIS213 Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing 2 2 3
BMAT214 Statistics 4 0 4
BSUR115 Surveying & Mapping Techniques 2 4 4
  Semester Total  11 6 14
  First Year Total      31

Second Year
Fall Semester Lec Lab Cr
BGIS211 Geographic Information Systems Applications 2 2 3
BHUM120 Environmental Issues 3 0 3
BSUR216 Survey Law 2 2 3
BSUR219 Global Positioning Systems 2 2 3
BSUR220 Survey Practice 2 2 3
  Semester Total  11 8 15
Spring Semester Lec Lab Cr
BENV116 Water Resources and Hydrology 3 2 4
BGEO112 Geology and Soils 3 2 4
BSOC120 Introduction to Economics and Sustainability 3 0 3
BSUR214 Advanced Surveying 2 2 4
BSUR217 Surveying Problems 1 4 3
  Semester Total  13 10 18
  Second Year Total      33
  Total for A.S. Degree      64


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