Veterinary Assistant Certificate


Veterinary Assistant Certificate

Veterinary Assistant Program Outcomes

The Veterinary Assistant certificate program provides training in veterinary health and handling of a variety of domestic and exotic species, with the focus on tasks for assisting the Veterinary Technician and Veterinarian. Veterinary Assistants care for animals in veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and laboratories. They also help to maintain a clean and safe work environment, as well as perform various tasks under the supervision of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and scientists.  This certificate program will teach the essential knowledge and job skills needed for entry level employment, including diagnostics, surgical assistance and monitoring, critical care, nutrition, and animal husbandry.  Students will also experience hands-on learning in the classroom and during the required clinical experience.  Veterinary Assistants do not diagnose animal illnesses, prescribe treatment, or perform surgery. This program provides an introduction to the field of veterinary medicine, and students may choose to further their education by attending a veterinary technician associate's degree program.

Veterinary Assistant Certificate Cost Estimates

Admission Requirements for Veterinary Assistant Certificate Program

  • Submit an application for the program
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must possess high school diploma or GED
  • SAT scores should place student into college level reading and writing.
  • Complete personal interview with the Program Director

Applicants will be contacted by Admissions to set up interviews with the program director once the first four requirements have been met.

Once admitted, the following will be required:

  • Criminal background check
  • Drug screening
  • Physical examination with tetanus  (rabies vaccination recommended)
  • Must have health insurance
  • Must maintain a “C” or above average in all courses


Semester l: First 8 Weeks Lec Lab Cr
VETA101W Introduction to Veterinary Assisting 1 2 2
VETA103W Veterinary Assistant Small Animal Nursing I 2 2 3
VETA105W Veterinary Assistant Office Procedures and Practice Management 1 2 2
  First 8 Week Total  4 6 7
Semester l: Second 8 Weeks Lec Lab Cr
VETA107W Veterinary Assistant Small Animal Nursing II 2 2 3
VETA109W Veterinary Assistant Laboratory and Diagnostic Skills 2 2 3
  Second 8 Week Total 4 4 6
  Semester Total  8 10 13
Semester 2:: Full 16 Week Semester      
VETA111W Veterinary Assistant Clinical (minimum of 100 hours in clinic) 0 7 3
VETA113W Veterinary Assistant Clinical Seminar 3 0 3
  Semester Total 3 7 6
  Certificate Total     19

Veterinary Assistant Certificate Gainful Employment Disclosure