Leadership North Country - North of the Notches

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Leadership North Country - North of the Notches

2020 Riverside Drive Berlin, NH 03570 
Tamara Roberge, Phone: 752-1113 x 3062; E-mail: troberge@ccsnh.edu

Leadership North Country Application

Leadership North Country is patterned after the over 350 state, regional, and local Leadership Programs in the United States. In NH there are five regional Leadership Programs and one state Leadership Program.

The purpose of Leadership North Country is to create a leadership core in the northern part of the state who know how to partner and network with each other, who know how to find leadership partners in new areas (economic development, community development, social services), and who further know and understand what kinds of deliverables and services are available from organizations and agencies outside the North Country for the betterment of its citizens and communities. This group will consist of seasoned leaders wishing to know more about how their communities and the state work, as well as new and emerging leaders wishing to learn more about the process of Leadership, and how they can become involved in their communities.

Leadership North Country enhances the skills of participating individuals by providing them with information and resources, by increasing their networks and contacts both inside and outside of the region, and by providing them with opportunities to take on new projects both individually and in partnership with each other and with existing leaders.

Our Goals

Creating opportunities for a transfer of knowledge to, from, and between participants and outside and local resources. Who is doing what in the area? What kinds of resources are available to assist, both from within and from outside the region? How do you get them? Who can get them?

Creating an organizational infrastructure, including attracting cooperating and sponsoring partners, attracting both mentors and evolving leaders as participants, and attracting the resources necessary to support the entity on an ongoing basis.

The program consists of 9 monthly half-day sessions with a variety of speakers. Meeting sites are held at various locations throughout Coös County. The class consists of 17 -20 people. Program cost is $750, with scholarships available. Recruiting for the program begins in March each year, with the program starting in September.

Biographies of the LNC 2013-14 class