Basic Skills

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Basic Skills

Basic Skills is a competency-based program designed for students who benefit from building academic skills in English, mathematics and/or reading prior to enrollment in college level courses. With small class sizes, instructors provide a supportive environment, focusing on students' individual academic needs. All Basic Skills courses include a computer component that provides students with computer-assisted instruction and proficiency in word processing applications. No prior computer skills are necessary. Peer tutoring, instructor-led labs and ongoing meetings with Basic Skills advisors help maximize student success.

Basic Skills courses follow the same grading system as college-level courses; however, these grades are not computed into the grade point average (GPA). To exit a Basic Skills course, students must receive a grade of B or better. Tuition is charged for each semester of Basic Skills coursework.

Students whose admissions test scores indicate placement in two or more Basic Skills courses are admitted into their major in a three-year program. During the first, and possibly second, semester, students take the Basic Skills requirements. Upon demonstration of mastery in Basic Skills courses, students may enroll in requisite credit courses. During the remaining two years, students complete course requirements for an associate degree.

Nursing applicants who require Basic Skills courses are not automatically admitted to the nursing program upon completion of Basic Skills courses. Nursing applicants must meet prerequisite course requirements and participate in the nursing pre-admission examination before admission review.

Basic Skills courses do not provide credits toward graduation. Students enrolled in Basic Skills follow the same college policies regarding tuition, financial aid, academic grading, academic standards and student activities.