Baking Series Offered at WMCC


As the fall season approaches, and the days get shorter and the evenings get cooler, you may be looking for activities that are an alternative to being outdoors.  Why not learn to create some goodies for the upcoming holidays?  WMCC  Pastry Chef Greg Worthen's Basic Scratch Baking Series is a 5-week class covering baking fundamentals relevant for home use.  Each baking segment will cover not only the techniques necessary to prepare the items, but theory will be covered to increase each participant's understanding of the backing process. Each week will focus on a particular segment of baking skills ranging from pancakes to cakes.  The schedule is:


Breakfast Basics                                             10/26/15         

Pancakes and waffles will be prepared along with variations to prepare healthy, wholesome variations.  Crepes will be made as well as muffins. 


Quick Breads                                                  11/2/15                       

White bread will be prepared and finished in both loaves and rolls.  Variations of biscuits will be prepared along with two styles of cornbread.


Treats                                                             11/9/15                                   

Fudgy brownies as well as multiple cookie types will be prepared.


Pies and Tarts                                                 11/16/15                     

Flakey pie dough will be prepared and utilized in preparing a two crusted fruit filled pie.  Short dough will be prepared and utilized in preparing a classic and decadent chocolate ganache tart.


Cakes                                                                11/23/15                         

Several delicious and visually enticing cakes will be prepared that require no decorating.


The cost to attend all five sessions is $175. Can't make the whole 5 nights? Then choose your favorites, pay $40 per session, and join Pastry Chef Greg Worthen, and learn, have fun, and take home goodies to toot your horn!  Class meets Mondays 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm.  Information on the fall non-credit courses can be obtained on the White Mountains Community College website at on the Workforce Development tab,

Register for non-credit courses or share your ideas for new offerings by contacting Tamara Roberge, Project Manager, by email at  or by phone 342-3062.  Hurry and register now before the start date passes.