Behavioral Intervention Team Formed


A Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) has been created at WMCC.  The goals of BIT are to:

  • Prevent crises before they occur through the provision of outreach and educational programming, consultation, appropriate assessment and referrals;
  • Ensure that students whose behavior is of concern are contacted through follow-up processes and have access to the appropriate services so that they have the opportunity to improve their welfare;
  • Create a unified reporting and tracking system that will allow members of the BIT to observe patterns of behavior that may elicit assessment and to provide a documented response to distressed students.

The BIT meets regularly to discuss non-emergency situations and routine incidents.  When a report is deemed urgent, the team, or subset of the team, is ready for an immediate response.

Reporting Incidents to the BIT:
Anyone may report behaviors that concern them to the BIT.  These reports can be anonymous, if individuals so desire.  Each report should include as much detail as possible about the behavior and/or incident of concern.  Once a report is submitted, the individual will receive an acknowledgement of receipt if he/she indicated an email address.  The BIT encourages the reporting of student behaviors that are of concern.

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Incident Report is available on our website on the Student Services page at

This information will be used to reach out to the impacted individuals and connect him/her with appropriate support services.  The information provided (including the reporting party) is CONFIDENTIAL.

Members of the BIT team are Emily Elliott, Kathy Sosny, Lynn Moore, Gretchen Taillon, Melanie Robbins, Fran Rancourt and Martha Laflamme.

Behavioral Intervention Team Contacts:
Name                                                              Ext.     Direct Line   Location      Email 
Emily Elliott, College Counselor               3058   342-3058       Room 105 

Kathy Sosny,                                                  3059   342-3059       Room 104
ASC Director/ Disability Coordinator 

Gretchen Taillon,                                           3003   342-3003       Room 102
Human Resources/President’s Assistant

Melanie Robbins                                           3093   342-3093       Littleton
Coordinator, Littleton Academic Center