Civil War Lecture Series


A Civil War Lecture Series is coming to White Mountains Community College.  Twenty-one major engagements will not only be explained using maps, figures, sketches, and photos, but also a rational explanation will be provided regarding how the loser could have won, and how the winner could have won better, using the existing technology of their day.  Many of these ideas, concepts, and processes can still be used in everyday life.  Such strategies as control, reconnaissance, processing, and common sense can help anyone at any level deal with life's ups and downs, and lead a less stressful existance.

The lecture series meets Mondays for eight weeks, beginning March 21, from 6 to 8 p.m. at White Mountains Community College, Berlin.  The cost for the lecture series is $100.   The orator, David Moore, will have on hand the reference book for purchase. 

To register for the series, or for more information, contact Tamara Roberge, via email at or by phone: 603-342-3062.