Nursing Students Pinned at Ceremony


Fourteen senior nursing students were pinned during a ceremony at White Mountains Community College (WMCC) recently.  The pinning is the physical representation of their entry into the nursing profession.  It is a rite of passage from student to practicing nurse. Students were able to choose an individual they wanted to pin them.  Some chose family members who practice in the profession while others asked a nursing faculty member to bestow the honor.  The students wore white lab coats, which now represent the traditional starched white uniform of the nursing profession. 

Nursing faculty members each took their turn at the podium imparting words of wisdom and encouragement to the students.  Faculty members were: Department Chair Emily MacDonald; and Professors Sarah Baillargeon, Donna Briere, Donna Driscoll, Beth Satter and recently retired Professors Nancy Smith and Sandra Yunghans.  Speaking on behalf of the students was Heather MacPherson.

Following the short speeches was the pinning ceremony.  In addition to their pin, each student was presented with a red rose.  Students then participated in the candle lighting ceremony, and recited the Professional Nursing Pledge.

Members of the Nursing Class of 2015 are: Ariel Alger, Kathryn Berthiaume and Heather Guay of Berlin; Alison Breault, Lancaster; Tammy Emery,  Lisbon; Eileen Shea, Littleton; Elizabeth Vance, North Haverhill; Glenn Wagner, Monroe; Melissa Walker, Woodsville; Lynn Jones, Tamworth; Virginia Lawrence and Lisa Schartner, North Conway; Heather MacPherson, Center Conway; and Cynthia Wilson, Intervale.