Financial Statements

The purpose of this course is to build upon the basic skills learned in beginning banking courses. Students analyze financial data and determine a borrower’s chances of receiving grants or […]

Law and Compliance Principles

This course explores banking law and examines the Uniform Commercial Code. Students learn how to implement government regulations and laws in order to keep up money flow and maintain positive […]

Commercial and Consumer Lending

Banking courses on commercial and consumer lending teach students how to identify credit-worthiness through balance sheets and income statements. Students are introduced to the basic principles of extending consumer and […]

Money and Banking

Money and banking courses form the foundation for understanding the management of money in a modern economy. The course explores the role of money in markets and financial institutions by […]

Principles of Banking

This course provides an introduction to banking services and financial institutions; students also compare the operations of national and state banks. Students examine the principles of banking transactions and the […]