Senior Project

In this course, through ongoing and individualized contact with the supervising instructor, the student develops a topic pre-approved through a prospectus presented to the instructor. The student may develop any […]

Criminal Justice Internship

The internship offers the student the opportunity to put learned theory to practical application. The student is responsible for seeking out the agency placement, with the assistance of the course […]

Constitutional Law

This is a constitutional law course focused upon the applicability of the Bill of Rights to a state criminal trial from the point of suspicion to sentence.  The teaching methodology […]

Justice and the Community

This course deals with the interaction of the various components of the justice system with the community. It involves an analysis of the way the work of police departments, courts, […]

Drug Abuse and the Law

In the first part of this course, the historical use of the major drug groups (including alcohol) will be reviewed. In the second part, the reaction of the criminal justice […]

Correction Operations

This course illustrates the many facets of a correctional facility setting. It establishes an entry level approach to educate and prepare law enforcement professionals to understand various correctional settings, practices, […]

Juvenile Justice Administration

Theories, causation and prevention programs are studied. Rehabilitative theories and treatment programs of public institutions and public and private agencies are included. Case studies are made available to the student […]

Criminal Procedures

This course will enable students to take an in-depth approach on how the Constitution and other laws are relevant in today’s criminal justice system. It will focus on policy, laws, […]


This course is a detailed analysis of the development of criminological theory, embracing the contributing disciplines of biology, psychology, sociology, political science, and integrated theory combining those disciplines. Attention is […]

Criminal Law

This course provides a current look at the U.S. Criminal Justice system, both the law and legal procedures. The course uses a combination of the Socratic/case law and lecture approach. […]


This course will provide the student with an in-depth, historical look at Terrorism and its origins. The various types of terror and their history will provide the student with the […]

Introduction to Homeland Security

The primary focus of this course is to describe the entirety of the homeland security enterprise in the US and to survey many of the major expressions of it.  This […]