Regional American Cuisine

New England, Cajun/Creole, West Coast, and Southwestern cuisines will be produced and discussed in this course. (Co-requisites: CULA220W, 221W, 223W, 224W or POI)

Buffet Theory

Presents concepts of themes in ethnic and general buffet presentation.  This course will be taught only as a Co-requisite to the four fall senior culinary labs.  (Co-requisites: CULA213W, 214W, 215W, […]

Menu Analysis and Restaurant Design

The importance of a menu in relationship to costs, pricing, creativity and guest satisfaction are covered. Students will also design a floor plan for a restaurant using computer software. Class […]

Food Sculpture and Design

Covers the elements of design and expression through the production of edible table centerpieces. Hands-on work in ice, pulled sugar, marzipan and pastillage will be covered. (Co-requisites: CULA213, 214W, 217W, […]


Provides students with the knowledge to organize, plan and produce a variety of themed buffets. (Co-requisites: CULA214, 215W, 217W, 229W or POI)


This course expands on Garde Manger in the cold kitchen and develops its relationship with forced and cured meats.(Co-requisites: CULA217W or POI)

Culinary Co-op I

Degree candidates in the Culinary Arts curriculum are required to complete three hundred hours of on-the-job experience for which they are paid by their respective employers. The students will be […]

Individual Pastries and Plated Desserts

Pastries, dessert sauces, and other fundamentals will be used to create single portion desserts.  Plate decorating and garnishing techniques will be utilized and explored.  (Co-requisites: CULA117W, 118W, 126W or POI)

Cake Decoration and Design

Students will be mixing and baking cakes, as well as assembling and decorating cakes using icings and fillings. (Co-requisites: CULA117W, 118W  or POI)

Table Service and Mixology

Food service and alcoholic beverage regulations, mixology, and skills in table service are covered in this course. Labor and employment regulations are also addressed. (POI)

Baking Theory

Baking theory provides an understanding of baking principles and theory, and how they apply to hands-on work in the bakeshop. (Co-requisites: CULA117W, 118W, 126W or POI)