A variety of pastry items to include cookies, pies, tarts, laminated doughs, sweet doughs, and phyllo are prepared in this course, as well as meringues, pastry cream and other fillings.  […]

Introduction to Baking

Quick breads, yeast breads, and baking fundamentals will be covered at an introductory level. Students will also become familiar with conversions, weights and measures, and bakeshop equipment related to production. […]

Food Service Sanitation

This course focuses on all related areas of food sanitation; i.e., food-borne illnesses, poisons, hygiene, a comprehensive understanding of microbiology, life cycles, and proper control of rodents and insects. (Co-requisites: […]

Food Theory and Meat Fabrication

The fundamental theories in food production principles and techniques associated with the cookery of stocks, soups, sauces, meats, fish, vegetables, and starches are covered. A concentration on organization, food science, […]

Quantity Food Production

Organizational and production techniques of short order cookery will be taught through the use of popular and novelty foods. (Co-requisites: CULA111W, 112W, 113W or POI)

Hot Food Techniques

This lab-oriented food production course gives the student the opportunity to expand on the cooking principles learned in Introductory Food Production and will give them the experience of serving food […]

Introductory Food Production

The basic principles of hot food preparation techniques will be covered as students prepare various meat, starch, and vegetable items. This course will form the basis for all future production […]

Soups, Sauces, and Basic Techniques

Fundamentals of stock, soup and sauce production, as well as knowledge of kitchen equipment and knife skills, will lay the foundation needed in the Culinary and Baking and Pastry Arts […]