Food Service Sanitation

Food Service Sanitation focuses on all related areas of food sanitation. It covers hygiene, poisons, and food-borne illnesses, and requires a comprehensive understanding of microbiology, life cycles, and proper control […]

Food Theory and Meat Fabrication

Food Theory and Meat Fabrication covers fundamental theories in food-production principles and techniques that are associated with the cookery of stocks, soups, sauces, meats, fish, vegetables, and starches. The course […]

Quantity Food Production

Through the use of popular and novelty foods, Quantity Food Production covers organizational and production techniques of short-order cookery. (Co-requisites: CULA111W, 112W or POI)

Hot Food Techniques

A lab-oriented food production course, Hot Food Techniques enables students to expand on the cooking principles they learned in Introductory Food Production. It also gives them the experience of serving […]

Introductory Food Production

Introductory Food Production covers the basic principles of hot food preparation techniques. Students prepare various meat, starch, and vegetable products. This course forms the basis for all future production courses. […]

Soups, Sauces, and Basic Techniques

Soups, Sauces, and Basic Techniques covers the fundamentals of stock, soup, and sauce production, while familiarizing students with kitchen equipment and knife skills. The course lays the foundation for the […]