Enterprise Security Management

Students will understand the principles of risk management, security architectures, incident handling, disaster recovery, and secure systems administration. (Prerequisite/Co-requisite: IST141)

Network Security

Students will learn about network communications from a security standpoint and perform laboratory assignments in securing networks and Operating Systems. (Prerequisite/Co-requisite: IST140W)

Principles of Information Assurance

Students will be introduced to basic security principles, giving the student an understanding of the current threats and vulnerabilities of the cyber landscape, plus other topics relating to the information […]

Introduction to Programming

An introduction to programming using current programming software. Designed to introduce you to the theories and concepts of computer programming including the use of variables, data structures, input and output, […]

Web Design I

Web page design. Presentation of information. Navigation techniques. Layout. Image creation and use. Tables and forms. Survey of tools, extensive study of CSS.

Object Oriented Programming with Java

This course is an introduction to programming using Java. This course is designed to introduce you to theories and concepts of computer programming, including the use of variables, data structures, […]

Linux Essentials

Linux Essentials provides instruction on how to use the UNIX/Linux operating systems. This class is for new users.  Students will learn fundamental command-line features, including file system navigation, file permissions, […]

IT Essentials

Based on a curriculum sponsored by Cisco Systems, this course presents an in-depth exposure to computer hardware and operating systems. Students learn the functionality of hardware and software components, as […]