Leadership and Strategic Management

This course is a capstone, integrative course for graduating business administration students. This course focuses on how firms and managers formulate, implement, and evaluate strategies. Students will use all the […]

Business Internship

The student will secure a position with a local business for 60 hours to observe, work with and be evaluated by experienced managers. The business competencies to be demonstrated will […]

Business Law

Covers the legal system with regard to business, contracts, sales, commercial paper, agency and employment, partnerships and corporations, risk bearing devices and property.

Management & Teamwork

Provides an active learning environment where management skills of developing self-awareness, managing stress, solving problems creatively, communicating supportively, motivating others, managing conflict and building teams will be explored. ┬áThe importance […]


The focus will be on both marketing theory and practice. The text will introduce consumerism, pricing, motivation and sales promotion. The student will be responsible for writing a marketing plan […]

Introduction to Business Logic and Ethics

This course will incorporate logic and problem solving with various business applications to deal with ethical issues. Case problems will be systematically analyzed to better understand the concepts involved in […]