New Hampshire Culinary Institute: WHY US


New Hampshire Culinary Institute: WHY US

There are many good options for future culinarians. We recommend you research all your options and compare all programs side by side using the following questions:

Jobs held by our alumni include:

  • Portland Harbor Hotel, ME: Executive Chef
  • Center of NH: Executive Chef
  • Legal Seafood, RI: Executive Chef
  • Radisson Hotel, NH: Executive Chef
  • Summit Hotel, NH: Executive Chef
  • Balsams Grand Resort, NH: Executive Sous Chef
  • Pine Hearst Resort, NC: Executive Sous Chef
  • Mount Washington Hotel, NH: Executive Sous Chef
  • Breton Arms, NH: Head Chef
  • Franconia Inn, NH: Head Chef
  • Pine Hearst Resort, NC: Garde Manger Chef
  • Balsams Grand Resort, NH: Garde Manger Chef
  • Common Man Restaurants, NH: Corporate Chef
  • Sysco Food Corp, NH: Corporate Chef
  • NHCTC: Culinary Professor (department Head)
  • Estrella Mountain Community College, AZ: Culinary Professor (department Head)
  • Food and Finance High School, NY: Founder and Principal
  • White Mountains Regional High School, NH: Culinary instructor
  • Hartford School District, VT: Culinary Instructor
  • Owner of Cincinnati Bengals: Private Chef
  • Seasons Restaurant, ME: Owner
  • Ice Sensations, NC: Sculptor and designer

How established is the program?
Answer: There are many well established programs that are excellent choices. We have been training top chefs since 1966

What do they offer for courses?
Answer: The better schools list all their course offerings on the Internet. Look at all of them and compare. For ours, click here.

How many hours of lab equal one credit?
Answer: Credits cost money. We offer 3 hours of lab for each credit. Many others offer 2 or fewer lab hours to each credit; this means you will receive 33% less training for the same credits. In turn, that means you pay more for each credit and get less training.

How much does the degree cost?
Answer: School is expensive and many students have to go into debt to pay for their education. Compare costs and make sure there are no hidden costs or fees. We offer one of the best programs available at a reasonable cost.

How successful are their graduates?
Answer: Many schools have many successful graduates but not all. We list some of our Graduates so you can see for yourself. We are proud of their success in all areas of Culinary Arts. Click here to see some.

What is the student to teacher ratio?
Answer: The student to teacher ratio gives you a strong indication of how personalized your learning experience will be. Our ratio is approximately 10 students to one teacher in culinary labs. We limit the maximum number of students in a lab class to 18 students.

How much time is spent in labs compared to restaurant work?
Answer: Both controlled lab work and restaurant work are necessary parts to a culinary education. However many schools have the students work most of the time in a restaurant setting. The main reason for this is that it is less expensive to work the student as an employee than to train the student in a non restaurant lab setting. The student doesn't learn as much in a restaurant since the production is often redundant and intensity varies due to customer demands. Our students work in both controlled labs and restaurant settings, but the majority of course work and hours are done in controlled labs.

What is the ratio of school training to internship?
Answer: Over 85% of our training is done at the school in labs. That works out to 2 academic years of school lab training and 12 weeks of internship and co-ops. Some schools only offer only 1 year of school training and the remainder is spent working at an internship.

What type of Associate degree do you want?
Answer: We offer an AS degree (Associate in Science). This is one of the most transferable associate degrees. If you plan on continuing your education, an AS degree is more transferable than an AAS (Associate in Applied Science) or AOS (Associate in Occupational Studies) degree.

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