Massage Therapy Certificate


Massage Therapy Certificate

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Massage therapists are employed at day spas, hotels, and resorts, at medical offices and facilities, and in private and group practices. The Massage Therapy Certificate program provides an individual with the skills necessary to apply for New Hampshire State Licensure, which requires successful completion of the National Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or other NH accepted national massage examination. WMCC is certified by the National Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. The curriculum includes:

  • Body systems, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology
  • Massage and bodywork assessment, theory, and application
  • Pathology
  • Business and ethics

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services may restrict licensing of candidates who have been involved in civil or criminal legal action. Questions about licensing restrictions should be directed to the HHS Office of Program Support, Licensing and Regulative Services.

Students are expected to purchase/provide the following:

  • Necessary lotions
  • Linens, towel, general personal cleaning supplies

These items will be discussed at the mandatory freshman orientation meetings held before the beginning of each semester.

Students who are accepted into the Massage Therapy program will:

  1. Possess and maintain personal health insurance for hands-on classes, and internship. Provide proof of health insurance or acceptance into a sliding scale fee for a primary care provider and hospital coverage. A general health statement from personal providers indicating the student is able to participate in all program requirements.
  2. Students must obtain and maintain Adult CPR and First Aid certifications prior to their massage internship.
  3. Have professional liability insurance for hands-on classes and internship. (Available through the college).
  4. Maintain a grade of C in all MST classes. If a grade of C is not maintained, students may only repeat the course once.
  5. Provide an approved criminal background check through the college-approved vendor, which must be initiated no later than September 15 of the first year.

Health Considerations

The college must ensure that clients, patients or medical information are not placed in jeopardy by students during learning experiences. Therefore, students in office or clinical experiences must demonstrate sufficient emotional stability to withstand the stresses, uncertainties, and changing circumstances that characterize client/patient/medical information responsibilities or be removed from placement. Furthermore, the student is expected to have the emotional stability required to exercise sound judgment, accept direction and guidance from a supervisor or faculty member, and establish rapport and maintain sensitive interpersonal relationships with employers, clients/patients and their families.

Program available in North Conway.

First Semester Lec Lab Cr
BIOL120W Human Biology 3 2 4
MASS101W Swedish Massage I 2 3 3
MASS109W Reflexology 2 2 3
MASS120W Musculo-Skeletal Studies 3 0 3
  Semester Total  10 7 13
Second Semester Lec Lab Cr
MASS104W Massage Business Practices 1 0 1
MASS107W Spa Techniques 2 2 3
MASS110W Swedish Massage II 2 3 3
MASS115W Oriental Theory 1 0 1
MASS125W Pathology for the Massage Therapist 3 0 3
MASS201W Kinesiology 3 0 3
MASS210W Special Populations Massage 1 0 1
MASS230W Clinical Internship l 1 3 2
  Semester Total  14 8 17
Third Semester Lec Lab Cr
MASS135W Deep Tissue Massage 2 2 3
MASS225W Self Care and Stress Management 2 0 2
MASS235W Clinical Internship ll 0 6 2
  Semester Total  4 8 7
  Total for Certificate      37


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