Commencement 2018


Commencement 2018

Commencement exercises for the Class of 2018 will be celebrated on the main campus on Friday, May 18.  It is a celebration of your success, both academically and personally. It’s a great time to share your excitement with family, friends and fellow graduates. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Commencement          Graduation is held under a tent on the lawn of the main campus regardless of weather conditions.  The ceremony will begin promptly at 5:00 pm and it is anticipated that it will end between 6:00 and 6:30 pm.  If you have someone attending graduation that is in need of disability accommodations, please contact Laura in the Registrar’s Office to make arrangements no later than May 17.

Caps and Gowns        A college-wide email will be sent as soon as caps and gowns are ready for pick up in the bookstore, with nursing students picking theirs up through their department.  Any students wishing to pick up their cap and gown in Littleton or North Conway may do so by contacting the bookstore.

Tassels                        If you have earned honors or high honors, a silver or gold tassel will be given at graduation rehearsal.

Invitations                   Graduates are provided a minimum of three invitations.  They will be included in your cap and gown package. Guests do not need an invitation to attend.

PTK Stoles                 If you are a member of the Honor Society and have an Honors Stole be sure to bring it with you for the ceremony.

Rehearsal                     It is important that graduates attend rehearsal on Friday, May 18 at 2:30 pm.  You will line up by department, then alphabetically by program, beginning in the hallway outside of the library.   (See Procession)

Photography               A professional photographer will be taking pictures of each graduate after they have received their diploma before returning to their seat.  Each graduate will receive two 5 x 7 and one 8 x 10 pictures. Additional prints may be purchased by visiting

Procession                   Platform guests, faculty, and graduates will line up for the processional at the south exit door and down the corridor toward the library.  Graduates will line up alphabetically, first by department and then by program as follows:

Allied Health and Commerce
Business Administration
Criminal Justice/Homeland Security
Health and Wellness Facilitator
Health and Wellness Coach
Health Science
Human Services
Massage Therapy
Medical Assistant
Medical Coding
New Business Economy
Office Assistant
Office Management
Arts and Education
Autism Education
Baking and Pastry Arts
Career & Technical Education
Culinary Arts
Early Childhood Education
Entry Level Childcare
General Studiies
Interdisciplinary Studies
Liberal Arts
Library Technology
Special Education
Teacher Education
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Advanced Welding Technology
Pipe Welding
Environmental Science
Environmental Technology
Industrial Maintenance/Millwright
Information Technology
Water Quality
Transportation Technologies
Automotive Technology
Automotive Service Management
Commercial Driver Training
Mobile Equipment Technology


The procession will enter from the back of the seating area and proceed up a designated aisle. Platform guests will line up first, followed by faculty who will proceed to their seats beginning with the first row on the left facing the platform. Graduates will stay approximately one arm’s length from the student in front of them.  Graduates shall occupy the rows in the center section facing the stage. Upon reaching your seats, all will remain standing for the singing of the National Anthem.  Males will remove their caps and hold them in their right hand by their side throughout the song.

Following awards and speeches, the Department Chairperson for Allied Health will begin the awarding ceremonies by saying, “Will all candidates for degrees and certificates in the Allied Health Department please rise and present themselves.”  The graduates from that department will all rise and begin to exit, row by row, to the right of the row and line up behind the announcer.  Please stop by the announcer where you will state your name quietly to them; they will announce your name over the PA.  When your name is called, proceed up to the stage to the Department Chairperson who will hand you your diploma jacket.  Accept the award in your left hand and extend your right hand for a handshake.  
Congratulatory handshakes will be offered on the platform by the Board and College representatives.  Immediately after descending the platform, stop for a photo.  Return to your seat and be seated.If you share a row with candidates from another department, as you stand and exit to the right, the candidates from that other department will move to the last seat on the right.
After the last graduate has been seated, you will be asked to rise.  All will be congratulated and instructed to move their tassels.  Graduates will remain standing while platform guests exit, followed by the faculty.  Graduates will fall in behind the last faculty member as directed by the Class Marshals.  Proceed all the way to the back and exit the immediate area before socializing with relatives and friends.
Your jacket will not contain your degree/certificate.  You will be receiving it in the mail along with your photos. 
Following the commencement exercises, graduates and their guests are invited to the Bistro for refreshments and live music.
For more information, contact Laura at in the Registrar’s Office.