CHEM089W  Introduction to Chemistry

(3 Credits)
An introduction to chemistry intended for students who have had little or no previous chemistry. Topics covered include the language of chemistry, units of measure and measurement, atomic structure, periodic law, changes of state, chemical bonding, classification of matter, chemical reactions, solutions, acids and bases, and lab safety. Concepts are reinforced with lab activities and demonstrations. (Intended for students with no chemistry background.  This course is not transferable and does not satisfy graduation requirements.)

CHEM111W Chemistry

(4 Credits)
The fundamental laws and concepts of chemistry, including atomic theory, periodic classification of the elements, chemical bonding, molecular structure, solution equilibria, and organic chemistry, as well as qualitative and quantitative applications. Integrated laboratory work augments lecture topics. (See advisor for possible preparatory courses)

CHEM112W Nutrition
(3 Credits)
Covers basic biochemistry and human physiology that support nutritional concepts. Students will learn how to manage their own diets and evaluate macro- and micronutrients found in foods. Topics covered include analyzing nutritional information, differentiating sound nutritional practices from deceptive ones, nutritional implications for major disease categories, energy balance and weight control, food safety and nutrition throughout the life cycle.

CHEM113W Environmental Sampling and Analysis
(4 Credits)
This course offers students an introduction to common sampling and analysis techniques used in environmental data gathering. (Prerequisites: BIOL111W, CHEM111W, ENVSW110, GISW112, MATHW214)

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