ECON111W Principles of Macroeconomics
(3 Credits)
A survey of macroeconomic issues, such as world trade, the role of unions, causes of inflation, the role of productivity, supply and demand, the nature of money, as well as the costs and causes of unemployment. Special emphasis is placed upon the role government plays in the economy through taxes and resource allocation. (Prerequisite – Co-requisite: ENGL120W)

ECON112W Principles of Microeconomics
(3 Credits)
An examination of the functional operation of the economy from a unit analysis perspective. Topics covered include perfect and imperfect competition, factors of consumer demand and elasticity, measurement and principles of international trade, the individual firm and costs of production. (Prerequisite - Corequisite: ENGL120W)

ECON113W Money, Family, and the American Economy
(3 Credits)
This is a course in economics and family finance designed for non-business majors. It will provide an overview of the American Economic System, how it works, and how the individual and the family fit into our economic system. Emphasis on how the economy shapes our everyday life and how the individual and the family can best navigate the treacherous waters of our modern economic situation.

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