Geographic Information Systems


Geographic Information Systems

GIS111W Introduction to Cartography
(3 Credits)
An introduction to the history, theory and practice of map making. Students will gain an understanding of the complexity of displaying a spherical earth on flat paper. Topics will include graphical communication, map abstraction, map compilation and map production with an emphasis on thematic and computer cartography.

GIS112W Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
(3 Credits)
This course is an introduction to the field of GIS: the development and structure of a GIS system and sources of digital data. It utilizes lectures, labs, and projects. It stresses the learning of ESRI ArcMap software.

GIS211W Geographic Information Systems Applications
(3 Credits)
This course builds upon the fundamentals presented in the Introduction to GIS course, students will be involved in GIS applications using a hands-on approach. Students will learn advanced ESRI ArcMap skills. (Prerequisite: GIS112W)

GIS213W Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing
3 Credits
A comprehensive overview of the theory and use of remote sensing as a method of gathering data about earth resources. Students will learn basic aerial photo interpretation and photogrammetry techniques by completing hands-on laboratory exercises. ESRI ArcMap software will be utilized to perform a variety of image processing tasks. (Co-requisite: GIS112W)

GIS214W Advanced Geographic Information Systems
(3 Credits)
The third in the series of sequential GIS courses, the focus will be on advanced topics in GIS including planning, legal issues, and data quality and error propagation. Students further develop their GIS analysis skills and are introduced to Workstation ArcInfo.(Prerequisite: GIS211W)

GIS215W Geographic Information Systems Project
(3 Credits)
This course is designed to be a capstone course which will bring together all of the skills and techniques the student has learned over the prior semesters. The project may be completed under the auspices of a program professor or through an externship with a public agency or private company. (Co-requisite: GIS214W or enrolled in Certificate)

GIS216W GIS Programming
(3 Credits)
This course is designed to introduce object-oriented programming to the GIS users. Students will learn how to customize GIS operations and develop new interfaces in ArcGIS using VBA and ArcObjects. (Prerequisite: GIS112W)

GIS300W Geographic Information Systems Independent Studies
(3 Credits)
This course allows individuals to pursue education in advanced topics in GIS by independent study. Students will design a course outline in cooperation with their advisor and the coordinator of the GIS program. Prerequisites include either senior status in the GIS degree program or graduate of a GIS degree program or an individual working in the GIS profession.

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