MATH120W Quantitative Reasoning
(4 Credits)
This course is designed to expose the student to a wide range of general mathematics. Problem solving and critical thinking skills, along with the use of technology, will be emphasized and reinforced throughout the course as the student becomes actively involved in solving applied problems. Topics include: number theory and systems; functions and modeling; finance; geometry; measurement; probability; statistics; selected subtopics related to the student’s major field of study.  This course transfers as equivalent to NHTI-Concord’s Community College’s MATH120C, Lakes Region Community College’s MATH1280L, and Great Bay Community College’s MATH145G.  (Co-requisite: Math Lab)

MATH124W College Algebra
(4 Credits)
Topics include: linear, quadratic and higher degree equations; rational, radical, exponential, and logarithmic equations; graphs of functions; models and applications of functions; systems of linear equations; matrices, conic sections; sequences and series; trigonometry.   This course transfers as equivalent to NHTI – Concord’s Community College’s MATH124C, Lakes Region Community College’s MATH2110L, and Great Bay Community College’s MATH150G. 

MATH180W Pre-Calculus
4 Credits)
This course will cover the following topics: triangles and vectors; trigonometric identities, equations and graphs; exponential and logarithmic functions and equations; sequences and series; complex numbers as well as analytic geometry.  

MATH214W Statistics
(4 Credits)
Topics covered include methods of obtaining, analyzing and presenting data, elementary probability, probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression and correlation, ANOVA, simulation techniques, and non-parametric tests. The course is capped by a research project on a topic chosen by the student. (Prerequisite: Strongly Recommended C- or better in MATH120W or higher course score or POI)

MATH215W Calculus I
(4 Credits)
This course concentrates on limits, differentiation and integration. Exponential, trigonometric and logarithmic functions will all be included. Application of the techniques discussed will be employed in curve sketching, finding areas and volumes, problems in the physical sciences as well as other areas. If time permits there will be an introduction to differential equations. (Prerequisites: MATH180W or POI)

MATH220W Math in Our World
(4 Credits)
This course provides an introduction to mathematical thought through activities and discussions of several mathematical topics. The topics discussed will include problem solving, an introduction to various number systems (Egyptian, Roman, Babylonian, Mayan), an introduction to arithmetic in different bases, properties of real numbers, operations on rational numbers, some geometry and measurement, and data and chance. These topics should lead you to a greater understanding of and appreciation for mathematics, especially the mathematics involved in teaching elementary school. (For Teacher Education students only. Not a Liberal Arts Elective)




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