Medical Assistant


Medical Assistant

MEDA101W Clinical Procedures I
(5 Credits)
The first of a two-course sequence designed as an introduction to the clinical skills required by the medical assistant. This course stresses the disease processes, preparation and assistance in selected diagnostic studies, treatment protocols, and drug and diet therapies involved in the various systems of the human body. Instruction includes theory, principles, and skills related to infection control, client/patient care, documentation, client/patient teaching, and the operation and maintenance of clinical equipment.(Prerequisites: BIOL120W; Co-requisites: MEDA211W, OTM117W)

MEDA103W First Aid, CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens
(1 Credit)
The course covers the basics of how to respond to common first aid emergencies, cardiac and breathing emergencies and how to help prevent Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) exposure incidents.

MEDA105W Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
(3 Credits)
This course addresses the legal and ethical principles of health care provision, providing the student with an understanding of the organization of ambulatory health care, the medical-legal guidelines, patient's bill of rights, documentation and office requirements. A framework is provided that enables the student to reason clearly and effectively about the ethical and legal issues involved in medical science and technology. The history and development of the health care profession, and the physician-patient relationship is stressed. Emphasis is also placed on understanding the ethical and legal environment of health care, making appropriate ethical and legal choices in practice, and developing skills necessary to promote ethical and legal leadership in a health care setting.

MEDA130W LNA Lecture and Lab
(3 Credits)
This class covers 50 hours of lecture and technique in working in both acute and long term care facilities.

MEDA135W LNA Clinical Rotation
(3 Credits)
The rotation involves performing duties of an LNA in a supervised clinical setting.  The rotation is 120 hours in length.

MEDA201W Clinical Procedures II
(5 Credits)
This course is a continuation of Clinical Procedures I. The course is designed to assist students enrolled in the medical assistant program to achieve competency in the basic clinical skills performed in the medical office. Instruction will include the theory, principles, and skills related to infection control; client/patient care before, during and after examination and treatment; diagnostic studies and tests; administration of commonly used drugs; normal nutrition; documentation of client/patient information; client/patient teaching; and operation and maintenance of clinical equipment. Common medical disorders, drugs, and diet therapy will be integrated throughout the course. (Prerequisites: BIOL120W, MEDA101W, 211W, OTM117W or POI)

MEDA202W Phlebotomy
(4 Credits)
This course is designed to give the student the theory and basic skills in phlebotomy.  Emphasis will include anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system, safety, specimen collection techniques, equipment, and the legal ramifications in the practice of phlebotomy.

MEDA203W Medical Assistant Internship
(6 Credits)
The student performs administrative and clinical skills and demonstrates professionalism under the supervision of qualified staff members in a physician’s office and in a clinical laboratory as available.  During the internship, the student adheres to the working hours and policies of the assigned agency.  The student is not paid for the internship.  (Prerequisites: Successful completion of all required courses and Pharmacology Exam)

MEDA204W Phlebotomy Internship
(3 Credits)
After successful completion of MEDA202, the student will spend 120 hours in a clinical environment becoming proficient with the responsibilities and skills of a phlebotomist. Students will receive hands-on experience with venipuncture as well as capillary punctures. The student must demonstrate the ability to follow protocol for the collection of blood specimens under the supervision of qualified personnel in an accredited clinical laboratory. (Prerequisite: MEDA202W with a B-)

MEDA208W Clinical Procedures III
(1 Credit)
This course is the culmination of Clinical Procedures 1 and 2.  The course is designed to integrate cognitive and psychomotor skills in various medical applications.  The capstone course provides an opportunity for the assessment of the medical assistant critical thinking, professionalism, and teamwork skills.

MEDA211W Pharmacology
(3 Credits)
This course is an introduction to the principles of pharmacology, focusing on the knowledge and skills required for safe and effective drug therapy. Emphasis will be placed on the following pharmacologic information: sources of drugs, sources of drug information, drug legislation and standards, classification of drugs, drug action, factors that effect drug action, adverse effects of drugs, administration of drugs, record keeping, abbreviations and symbols, drug calculation, and the Medical Assistant's responsibilities in drug therapy. Specific drugs and the procedures for administering drugs will be integrated into Clinical Procedures I and II. (Prerequisites: BIOL120W or BIOL114W; Co-requisite: OTM117W)

MEDA220W ECG for the Healthcare Professional
(3 Credits)
This course covers the skills needed to perform an ECG, including anatomy of the heart.  Some of the topics include: ECG equipment, troubleshooting, Holter monitoring and stress tests.

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