PHIL101W  Introduction to Philosophy (The Examined Life)
(3 Credits)
The course traces the history of western philosophy from its beginnings in ancient Greece to contemporary developments in the modern world. The class will demonstrate how philosophy is unique and distinct from religion and science, while at the same time showing how all three disciplines are interrelated. The course will leave students with a vivid picture of philosophy as a unique and important field of study.

PHIL201W  Critics, Cynics, Radicals, and Prophets
(3 Credits)
A survey of a influential thinkers, radicals, and reformers from ancient times through the early 20th century with a focus on two central questions: First, how one should live, and second, what social arrangements might enable and promote the living of such a life. Students will read works by a variety of thinkers, which may include figures such as Diogenes the Cynic, Karl Marx, Jesus, H.D. Thoreau, J.S. Mill, and Marcus Aurelius. (ENGL120W College Composition Strongly Recommended)


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