SOCI111W Sociology
(3 Credits)
Provides an introduction to the scientific study of society and social life. It focuses on the ways that societies develop, persist and change. Particular emphasis is placed on group processes. (Prerequisite: ENGL120W strongly recommended)

SOCI112W Sociology of Work
(3 Credits)
This course explores the social and dynamic issues related to the workplace, emphasizing human behavior and relations. This course examines how to approach and resolve current workplace issues such as stress, working in a global economy, leadership, and motivation. (Prerequisite: BENG120W strongly recommended)

SOCI115W Gangs: Theory, Impact, Prevention, and Intervention
(3 Credits)
This course is intended to give students a basic understanding of gangs (street and prison) and core issues related to them. This course will provide students with a historical perspective of gangs, theoretical explanation for the causes of gangs, formation, dynamics, structure, and the societal impacts. The class will also focus on prevention and intervention theories. (Prerequisite: ENGL120W strongly recommended)

SOCI120W Introduction to Economics and Sustainability
(3 Credits)
This course is an introduction to microeconomics with an emphasis on applying economic theory to issues in resource use and sustainability.  This course will examine the global impacts of present-day human lifestyles with a goal of advocating changes that society can make to develop a personal and consumer ethic that is both economically viable and environmentally sustainable. Topics include energy policy and use of renewable energies, solid waste and recycling, transportation, land use, water conservation, and agricultural practices.

SOCI125W Ethnography of Work
(3 Credits)
Ethnography of Work introduces students to anthropological perspectives and social science research methods as they investigate a range of careers. The course approaches work as a cultural system invested with meanings, norms, values, customs, behavioral expectations, and hierarchies. Through ethnographic techniques, students evaluate the myths and stereotypes about work, as well as gain insight into how and why work matters to individuals. Work life is examined in the context of contemporary dynamics of disruption, uncertainty, innovation, and diversity. Assignments encourage students to draw connections between the self and work so they are prepared to make informed decisions about majors and career paths.  (Prerequisite:  ENGL120W)

SOCI201W Sociology of Rural America
(3 Credits)
This course focuses on the challenges faced in rural America by examining social structures and institutions, community, and culture. Issues and problems such as economic and population shifts, rural values in American culture, and the social and economic importance of farming will be explored. (Prerequisite: SOCI111W Sociology)

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