Trades Management


Trades Management

Employers continuously search for employees with the desire and skills to move into management. The Trades Management degree can build upon any other source of academic credit in a trade related field to provide the basic supervisory skills needed to succeed in industry. This program provides a path to a degree with basic supervision and business skills for those who have credits in trade-related fields such as Advanced Welding Technology, Industrial Maintenance/Millwright, Automotive Technology, Diesel Heavy Equipment Technology or other similar programs.  There are also opportunities for those with prior industry experience and skills to use our Experiential Learning path to be awarded credit for prior learning and then continue on to a Trades Management degree. The program requires 24-32 credits of trade or technical courses and adds the required general education and additional business and computer skills courses required to prepare students for a future in trades management.  In general, the courses beyond the trade or technical credits are also available online for those students who finish a certificate and begin work in their field immediately or, are coming back to college while already working. 

Program available in Berlin, Littleton, North Conway and online for students who transfer in trade/technical courses.  Program is available in Berlin for students without trade/technical courses.

Trades Management Degree with Advanced Welding Technology Cost Estimate

Trades Management Degree with Industrial Mechanics Cost Estimate

First Year
Fall Semester CL LAB CR
COMP110W Software Applications 3 0 3
ENGL120W College Composition 4 0 4
  Humanities 3 0 3
  Trade/Technical     6-8
  Totals 10 0 16-18
Spring Semester        
MGMT214W Management & Teamwork 3 0 3
  Liberal Arts 3 0 3
  Mathematics 4 0 4
  Trade/Technical     6-8
  Totals 10 0 16-18
  Total Credits for the Year     32-36
Second Year
Fall Semester   CL Lab CR
COMP120W Quantitative Decision Making 3 0 3
ENGL211W Professional Writing 3 0 3
  Social Science 3 0 3
  Trade/Technical     6-8
  Totals 9   15-17
Spring Semester        
RRM201W Introduction to Human Resources 3 0 3
  Liberal Arts 3 0 3
  Science 3 0 3
  Trade/Technical     6-8
  Totals 9 0 15-17
  Total Credits for the Year     30-34
  Total for A.S. Degree     62-70


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