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The Accounting degree fully provides students with skills involving theory and practical accounting applications. Our Accounting and Business courses are alive with many excellent simulations that connect to best practices in our community. The following courses involve examples of real business applications:

Taxation: Students use the latest Federal Taxation software and prepare returns involving individuals with children, itemized deductions, home businesses as well as retail and service situations.

Business Logic and Ethics: Student debate sides of issues involving pollution, discrimination, sweatshops, casino gambling and many other current issues in business.

Business Law: Student have the chance to role-play plaintiffs, defense lawyers, and witnesses in front of a jury in a business mock trial.

Applied Accounting: The student prepares financial statements for a Jet Ski sole proprietorship software.

Accounting Software: Using Quickbooks simulations the student prepares Profit and Loss as well as Balance Sheet Reports.

Accounting Practicum: Requires students to work in the accounting field for 5 weeks getting an understanding for what an entry-level accounting position requires in skills and knowledge.

Students are much better prepared for a career in accounting if they have a strong background in theory, real practice, and real simulations. Students build confidence in their own ability and this confidence converts to better accounting positions in the local business community.

For more information about the Accounting program, please contact the Admissions Office at 800-455-4525 or (603) 752-1113, ext 3000 or email at

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