Advanced Welding Program Home Page


Advanced Welding Program Home Page

The Advanced Welding Program

The White Mountains Community College Advanced Welding Program is known for three things: teaching hands-on welding skills, training on the most cutting-edge equipment and creating not just welders, but world-class professionals. Our strong industry ties are a product of the quality of our instruction and our ability to stay at the forefront of our field.  Our program is intensive and a significant amount of time is spent learning the hands-on techniques that are directly applicable in industry upon graduation. 

If you want to see pictures of our lab or some examples of what it is like to be in the Advanced Welding Program, visit our Facebook page:  There are photo albums of the lab, visits from industry partners, and examples of student work and tours that they take part in (we have visits and demos every few weeks in class and go on 2-4 tours a year of large employers.)

Advanced Welding Certificate

The base for our program is the Advanced Welding Certificate. It is a full time, two semester program. It typically runs three days a week from September to May.  Through a combination of classroom and laboratory training, the student will learn the applications of SMAW (Stick), GMAW (MIG), FCAW (Flux Core), SAW (Submerged Arc), and GTAW (TIG), as well the necessary safety, blueprint reading and practical application skills needed for employment in today’s welding industry. This certificate not only provides the student with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the AWS certification in multiple processes, but the tests are included as part of the course. Students are prepared for and take the D1.1 Unlimited Structural Steel in SMAW and FCAW, and the D17.1 AWS certification in GTAW. 

Choose the path that is right for you…

We also offer the Pipe Welding Certificate: Students can improve their employability by returning over the summer for Pipe Welding. It builds upon the skills learned in the Advanced Welding Certificate and provides the opportunity to add two ASME Pipe certifications (GTAW Root & SMAW Fill) to an already growing resume. We consider the skills learned in this certificate to be critical to being a well-rounded welder and recommend it for all students.

Advanced Welding Program Coordinator: Mike Pike  Email:  

For more information about the Advanced Welding program, please contact the Admissions Office at 800-455-4525 or (603) 752-1113, ext 3000 or email at

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