Earning a postsecondary degree is no longer an opportunity for a talented few, it is a prerequisite for the growing jobs of the new economy.  With the average earnings of college graduates at a level that is twice as high as that of workers with only a high school diploma, higher education is the clearest pathway to increasing your earning potential. Higher education is an investment and affordability is a major factor in college enrollment and completion. 

WMCC is an affordable path to higher education.  Whether you enroll in a degree or certificate that leads to employment after graduation, or enroll for two years and transfer to a four year institution, you will find that WMCC focuses all of our resources on providing a strong education to students, at the lowest possible cost.

Although costs will vary by program, below are sample in-state costs (tuition only) based on two semesters:

Minimum full-time attendance (12 credits per semester): 24 credits x $215.00 = $5,160.00 plus applicable fees

Above minimum full-time attendance (16 credits per semester): 32 credits x $215.00 =  $6,880.00 plus applicable fees

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