Transfer Options

wmcc Transfer Options

Transfer Options

Many students decide to begin their education at WMCC and then continue onto another institution after graduation.  Our students benefit from many articulation agreements and guaranteed transfer programs to other colleges.  The transfer process can be started at any time while attending WMCC.  Students may enter knowing that they plan to continue their education, or they may decide continue their education as they work toward completion of their program here.  It’s never too late; however, the sooner the process is started the easier it is to meet transfer requirements and maximize transfer credits and options.  If you are interested in transferring to a four year college or university, please speak with the WMCC college transfer counselor.

With increased transferability of courses and programs here, greater opportunities and possibilities for further education now exist.  The Liberal Arts Degree is designed to offer students an opportunity to take the first two years of a liberal arts college curriculum and transfer to four-year institutions.   Students may start this program in the fall, spring, or summer semester.  It is important for students interested in transferring or continuing their education to work closely with their faculty advisors, the college transfer counselor, and the institution they plan to attend.

Pathways to transfer include:

  • The University System of New Hampshire and the Community College System of New Hampshire have partnered to create This website contains a database that shows students which courses from WMCC transfer to participating institutions. Having this information could reduce the number of courses needed to earn a degree and save students both time and money.
  • Students applying to Keene State College, UNH, UNH Manchester, Plymouth State University, or Granite State College may complete the NH Transfer Form. This simple one-page form is available from the WMCC college transfer counselor, and students completing this form do not have to pay application fees.
  • There are numerous other transfer opportunities for students both in and out-of-state. Many credits earned at WMCC (with a grade of C or higher) may count toward meeting degree and graduation requirements at another institution.  However, students should check with the institution they plan to transfer to for approval of courses to ensure transferability.






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