Faculty Directory


Faculty Directory

John Achorn

Professor of English
B.A., Dartmouth College
M.A.,University of New Hampshire
Ph.D University of Toronto
E-mail: jachorn@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: TBA

Judy Baker

Professor of Nursing
A.S.N., NH Community Technical College
B.S.N.,University of New Hampshire
M.S.N., University of New Hampshire
E-mail: jabaker@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3037

Sarah Baillargeon

Professor of Nursing
A.S.N., Great Bend Community College
B.S.N., M.S.N., University of Phoenix
E-mail: sbaillargeon@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3033

Brian Callanan

Instructor of Heavy Diesel Equipment Technology
A.S., White Mountains Community College
EMT Certification, National EMS Institute
E-mail: bcallanan@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3091

Rachel  Dandeneau

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
Program Coordinator, Environmental Resources
A.S., White Mountains Community College
B.S., Lyndon State College
M.S., Plymouth State University
E-mail: rdandeneau@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3023

Lynn M. Davis

Professor of Business Studies
Department Chair, Allied Health
A.S., Southern NH University
B.S., Plymouth State College
M.S., Southern NH University
E-mail: ldavis@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3036

Sabrina Delorge

Professor of Nursing
ADN,New Hampshire Community Technical College---Berlin
B.S., University of Maine
M.S.N., Walden University
E-mail: sdelorge@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-6040

Patricia Finnigan-Allen

Professor of Early Childhood Education
Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Education
B.S., University of New Hampshire
M.S.T., University of New Hampshire
E-mail: pfinnigan@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3016

Travis Giles

Instructor of Culinary Arts
A.A.S., NHCTC-Berlin
E-mail: tgiles@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3077

Kurt Hohmeister

Associate Professor of Culinary Arts
Program Coordinator, Culinary Arts
A.S., Culinary Institute of America
E-mail: khohmeister@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3078

John Holt

Professor of STEM
Department Chair of STEM
B.S., University of NH
M.S., Boston University
E-mail: jholt@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3008

Allen Host

Assistant Professor of Automotive Technology
Department Chair, Mobile Technologies
A.A.S., New Hampshire Technical College-Berlin
Certified Master Automotive Technician, National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence
E-mail: ahost@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3084

Troy Lachance

Assistant Professor of Automotive Technology
A.A.S, New Hampshire Technical College-Berlin
E-mail: tlachance@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3085

Emily MacDonald

Professor of Nursing
Department Chair, Nursing
B.S.N., Fitchburg State College
M.S.N., University of Rhode Island
E-mail: emacdonald@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3028

Gail Minor-Babin

Professor of Medical Assisting
Program Coordinator, Health Programs
A.S., NHTI; M.Ed., Antioch New England Graduate School
E-mail: gminorbabin@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3031

Paul Mundell

CDL and Driver Education Training Instructor
CDL Certification
E-mail: pmundell@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3095

Stephanie Nortom

Professor of Nursing
B.A., Notre Dame College, M.S.N., UNH
E-mail: snorton@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3029

Mary Orff

Professor of Science
Program Coordinator, Life Sciences
D.V.M. and B.S., University of Georgia
E-mail: morff@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3017

Charles Palmer

Instructor of Mobile Equipment Technology
Program Coordinator, Diesel Heavy Equipment Technology
E-mail: cpalmer@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3092

Michael Pike

Instructor of Welding
Program Coordinator, Advanced Welding Technology
American Welding Society Certification
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Certification
E-mail: mjpike@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3081

Beth Satter

Professor of Nursing
A.D.N.. NHTC Berlin; B.S.N., University of Maine at Fort Kent; M.S., Nursing Education, University of Wyoming
E-mail: bsatter@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3032


Heather Wells

Associate Professor of Welding
A.S., White Mountains Community College
B.S., Plymouth State College
E-mail: hwells@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3025

Gregory Worthen

Associate Professor of Baking & Pastry Arts
A.O.S., Baking and Pastry Arts, Culinary Institute of America;
American Culinary Federation Certified Working Pastry Chef
E-mail: gworthen@ccsnh.edu
Telephone: 342-3292