This course will familiarize students with the working environment of teachers and paraeducators. Students will be required to work 100 hours in a classroom setting. Students will gain experiential knowledge of the day-to-day responsibilities and requirements involved in the job of teachers and paraeducators. Students will also observe and examine the organizational structure of the school as an institution and the role of each “team player”. They will be able to identify, through discussion and in writing, the various methods of contributing to the school environment and each student’s academic life. Students will keep a journal of observations and experiences, and will also be expected to participate in weekly classroom discussions. A final report will be required which will interpret and assimilate each student’s observations during the practicum experience. Reflections of the impact they had on the students, teachers, and others in the school will be presented in discussion and in the final report. (Prerequisites: EDU101W, 104W, 200W or POI; a GPA of 3.0 in major field courses and permission from the Practicum Coordinator). Practicum students must complete a State Registry and Criminal Records Check I-V. (Co-requisite: ENGL120W or POI)