Disability Services

White Mountains Community College is committed to assuring that otherwise-qualified students with disabilities are guaranteed equal access to all the educational benefits of the College.

Students who self-disclose a disability during the admissions process or at any time during their academic career at WMCC are invited to meet with the Accessibility Services Coordinator to discuss services available and advocate to access those services.


Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) Disabilities Services Mission Statement

It is the mission of CCSNH Disabilities Services to provide equal educational access, opportunities, and experiences to all qualified students with documented disabilities who register with the College's Accessibility Services office. Reasonable accommodations are provided to students to allow them to achieve at a level limited only by their abilities and not by their disabilities. Assistance is provided in a collaborative way to help students develop strong and effective independent learning and self-advocacy skills, as they assume responsibility for reaching their academic goals.

Eligibility for Services

To be eligible for support services, students are required to provide documentation of disability to the Accessibility Services Coordinator. This information is confidential and is used exclusively to plan appropriate accommodations.

Documentation must be current (within the last three years in most cases) and include:

  • A clear statement of the disability
  • A summary of the assessment procedures and evaluation instruments used to make the diagnosis
  • A summary of evaluation results

* Suggestions of accommodations deemed appropriate at the post-secondary level are also welcomed but must be supported by the documentation.

Sample Classroom Accommodations

  • Alternative test formats
  • Lesson outlines or access to Powerpoints
  • Tape recording lectures
  • Relocation of classes for accessibility
  • Interpreters
  • Extended time on tests
  • Alternative testing location


  • Reduced course load
  • Master tutoring
  • Peer tutoring
  • Peer mentoring
  • Academic and support advising
  • Workshops
  • Placement testing
  • Orientation to college and services

Assistive Devices

  • Digital Recorders
  • Digital text books
  • CCTV to enlarge text
  • Portable scanner
  • Laptop Computers

How to Access Support Services

To receive services:

1.     Contact the Accessibility Services Coordinator  and provide the necessary supporting documentation.

2.     Meet with the Accessibility Services Coordinator to develop/review and update your plan.

3.     Obtain a copy of your Individual Reasonable Accommodation Plan (RAP) for each class you are enrolled in.

4.     Meet with your instructor(s) and present a copy of your accommodation plan to discuss how your needs will be met. The instructor will sign an acknowledgment form that you present and return it to the Accessibility Services Coordinator. Online faculty will receive documents via email.

5.     Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 each semester

6.     If the student and instructor are unable to agree on implementing the RAP as written, the instructor will contact the Accessibility Services Coordinator  and, in consultation with the Department Chair, make a determination of whether the recommended accommodation(s) will fundamentally alter the nature of the service, program or activity.

* Note: A student has the right not to disclose a disability and may enroll without an accommodation plan.

For more information or to make an appointment to discuss your needs, submit your E-mail address or contact:

Helene Anzalone
Accessibility Services Coordinator
Room 124
(603) 342-3059

White Mountains Community College does not discriminate in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, programs and activities on the basis of disabling conditions in violation of Federal or State civil rights laws including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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