The Financial Services program is ideal for individuals who are currently employed with banking institutions or plan to seek employment within the banking industry.  The 24-credit certificate includes important banking and financial industry topics leading to many exciting and rewarding career pathways.

Power & Responsibility

Careers in banking and finance are all about money.  The world revolves around money.  We earn it, we spend it, we save it and we touch it just about every day.  The world would not be able to function without money.  Therefore, some of the most important jobs in the world are in the banking and finance industry.  Everyone’s financial fates are in the hands of the various organizations we trust with our money.  Banking and finance organizations have a lot of power, but also a lot of responsibility.  Careers in this sector can be extremely exciting, rewarding and satisfying, but they can also be stressful.

A Mind for Money

Retail banking is the area of finance that most individuals and small businesses have interaction with, either in person, on the phone or via the internet.  This huge area of banking boasts a broad range of career options, such as bank tellers, customer service representatives, bank managers and financial advisors. If you have a mind for money, a flair for finance and you like challenges, the banking and finance industry may be perfect for you.

Topics covered in the Financial Services certificate include the history of banking, collection functions, loans and investments, trust operations, the role of money in markets and financial institutions, Federal Reserve System policies, consumers and commercial credit, credit risk evaluation, loan processing, banking law and compliance issues.

Program available in Berlin.

Fall Semester: First 8 WeeksCLLABCR
BANK101WPrinciples of Banking303
COMP120WQuantitative Decision Making303
Fall Semester: Second 8 Weeks   
ACCT111WAccounting I303
BANK107WLaw and Compliance Principles303
Spring Semester: First 8 Weeks   
BANK105WCommercial and Consumer Lending303
HUMA240WCritical Thinking Seminar303
Spring Semester: Second 8 Weeks   
ECON111WPrinciples of Macroeconomics303
MGMT214WManagement and Teamwork303
 Total for Certificate  24

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24 Credits Required


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