The WMCC Medical Assistant program is perfect for individuals who have a passion for assisting others in a growing healthcare field.  The team-based learning model focuses on a high standard of medical ethics and professionalism to meet the complex demands in medical offices.Offered at our Littleton Academic Center, the comprehensive curriculum focuses in areas including laboratory testing, phlebotomy, obtaining vital signs, assisting with exams and minor outpatient procedures, medical coding, and patient scheduling.

WMCC offers a well-established and recognized MA Program that prepares students to help meet the growing need for Medical Assistants in a variety of outpatient medical settings.  When students complete the Certificate portion of the program, they will be eligible to take the AAMA National Certification Exam to become a Certified Medical Assistant.

The program focuses on professionalism, a high standard of medical ethics and incorporates team-based learning in its comprehensive curriculum that prepares our students to meet the complex demands in medical offices. The course of studies require students to successfully demonstrate a spectrum of administrative and clinical competencies including managing electronic medical records, medical coding, medical billing and patient scheduling, phlebotomy, laboratory testing, collecting and preparing specimens for microbiological testing, obtaining vital signs, assisting with exams and minor outpatient surgical procedures, maintaining infections control and sterilization techniques, and applying pharmacology principles to prepare and administer medications and vaccines.

Admission Requirements

  1. Meet college requirements for admission.
  2. Free from felony convictions.
  3. All sciences and Medical Terminology (OTM117W) must have been completed within the past five years.

Students who are accepted into the Medical Assistant program will:

  • Submit a completed health record within the past year, including proof of required immunizations.
  • Have professional liability insurance for clinical classes, phlebotomy, and internship. (Available through the college.)
  • Possess and maintain personal health insurance or acceptance into a sliding scale fee for a primary care provider and hospital coverage for clinical classes, phlebotomy, and internship.
  • Maintain a grade of C+ in BIOL120W, all OTM and MEDA classes.  If a grade of C+ is not maintained, students may only repeat the course once.  Students who do not earn a minimum grade of C+ in MEDA201W (Clinical Procedures II) are not able to continue in the program and may be eligible for readmission consideration.   
  • Provide an approved criminal background check through the college-approved vendor, which must be initiated no earlier than October 1 of the senior year, and students must successfully complete a drug screening.

*The above criteria (1-3) must be completed prior to the first day of class of the second year or prior to registering for phlebotomy.

Health Considerations

The college must ensure that clients, patients or medical information are not placed in jeopardy by students during learning experiences.  Therefore, students in office or clinical experiences must demonstrate sufficient professionalism and emotional stability to withstand the stresses, uncertainties and changing circumstances that characterize client/patient/medical information responsibilities or be removed from placement.  Furthermore, the student is expected to have the professionalism and  emotional stability required to exercise sound judgment, accept direction and guidance from a supervisor or faculty member, and establish rapport and maintain sensitive interpersonal relationships with employers, clients/patients and their families.

Students must also be aware that site placement will require criminal background checks, proof of insurances, general health statements from personal providers, as well as additional titers or vaccinations beyond what the college requires.

Program available in Littleton.

First Year

Fall SemesterLecLabCr
BIOL120WHuman Biology324
ENGL120WCollege Composition404
MEDA101WClinical Procedures I355
OTM117WMedical Terminology303
 Semester Total13716
Spring SemesterLecLabCr
MEDA201WClinical Procedures II355
OTM120WOffice Systems & Procedures303
 Liberal Arts303
 Semester Total15818
 Total credits for the year  34

Second Year

Fall SemesterLecLabCr
MEDA105WLegal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare303
MEDA208WClinical Procedures III031
OTM225WE/M Coding and ICD-10303
OTM226WCoding with CPT303
 Semester Total15316
Spring SemesterLecLabCr
HUMA240WCritical Thinking Seminar303
MEDA203WMedical Assistant Internship0186
OTM220WMedical Billing303
 Liberal Arts303
 Semester Total131819
 Total credits for the year  35
 Total for Degree  69

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Utilize medical terminology appropriately.
  • Describe the anatomy and physiology of the human body, as well as the
    related disease processes.
  • Describe legal and regulatory frameworks of healthcare as they relate to
    the Medical Assistant.
  • Demonstrate computer literacy skills.
  • Effectively engage in written and oral communication as demonstrated
    through charting and communication with patients and other health
  • Prepare patients for examination or procedures, and assist the physician
    with the examination or procedure.
  • Collect and prepare laboratory specimens, as well as perform basic
    laboratory testing.
  • Perform phlebotomy and other invasive specimen collection techniques.
  • Perform electrocardiograms and respiratory testing.
  • Demonstrate knowledge by qualifying to take the CMA (AAMA) national

69 Credits Required


of students qualify for financial aid