For over 100 years the White Mountains region has been celebrated for its outdoor and tourist attractions, and its hospitality and resort destinations.  It makes for a perfect fit for students to enroll in our Resort and Recreation Management program that incorporates Adventure Leadership, Sales and Conference Services, and Hotel Administration as part of the program design.  Enroll today and pursue a career pathway that is rewarding and fun!

Northern New Hampshire is internationally known for its hospitality, tourism attractions and grand hotels. There could be no better location for a degree program in Resort and Recreation Management.  Students will experience hands-on learning in a professional environment and have access to content experts beyond the classroom.

The degree will provide a comprehensive approach to learning all facets of resort and recreation management operations including front office operations.  The degree offers three options for concentration.

Adventure Leadership Track

Students in this track will prepare for an active lifestyle in the fast growing and very popular career of adventure leadership. With an emphasis on strong leadership and adventure recreation and travel, students will be learning to organize, prepare and guide people of all ages safely in the outdoor world. This is also an excellent track for active outdoor minded students who seek to be supervisors and managers in outdoor adventure parks, ski areas and youth and adult adventure and sporting camps.

Conference Services and Marketing

Hospitality management is one of the fastest growing careers in the leisure industry. This track prepares students to be supervisors and managers in the fast paced and dynamic world of hotel and event conference services. With a focus on solid business and financial skills as well as professional hospitality delivery techniques, upon graduation students will be ready to work at hotels, resorts, conference centers as well as additional large hospitality and leisure venues.

Hotel Administration

With new hotels and resorts being opened at a record pace, domestic and international hotel properties are looking more than ever for confident and competent people to supervise and manage their leisure properties and staff. In this track, students learn the process and procedures to not only successfully manage the complex business aspects of today’s modern hotels and resorts but also focus on hotel operations, leadership and human resources as essential areas of knowledge for the modern day hotelier.

Upon successful completion of the degree in Resort and Recreation Management, graduates will be prepared for a middle management position.  Graduates will also possess the necessary foundation to pursue further studies toward a higher education degree.

Students may also opt to enroll in the certificate program.  The Resort and Recreation Management Certificate program is designed to offer an immediate pathway to high school, college and adult learners to further education in hospitality.  Successful completion of this program will provide students with a greater understanding of the hospitality industry as well as a developed set of skills to be more effective and successful as a hospitality industry professional.

Program available in Berlin and through video conference technology.

First Year

Fall SemesterLecLabCr
ACAD105WAcademic Readiness101
ENGL120WCollege Composition404
HOS101WIntroduction to Hospitality303
RRM201WIntroduction to Human Resources303
 Semester Total15015
Spring SemesterLecLabCr
ENGL211WProfessional Writing303
HOS210WAccounting for Hospitality Managers303
Adventure Leadership Option   
RRM110WRecreational Facility Management303
RRM113WTheories in Adventure Leadership303
Conference Services & Marketing Option   
HUMA240WCritical Thinking Seminar303
RRM211WConference Planning and Group Sales303
Hotel Administration   
RRM110WRecreational Facility Management303
RRM217WFront Office and Room Operations303
 Total Credits for Year  30
Summer Semester
Adventure Leadership Option
RRM105WWilderness Prep/Mountain Leadership244
 Total Credits for Summer  4

Second Year

Fall SemesterLecLabCr
COMP120WQuantitative Decision Making303
HUMA120WEnvironmental Issues303
MGMT214WManagement and Teamwork303
Adventure Leadership Option   
HUMA240WCritical Thinking Seminar303
RRM115WFacilitation in Adventure Leadership174
Conference Services and Marketing Option   
RRM214WHospitality Marketing303
RRM220WFood & Beverage Operations303
Hotel Administration   
RRM214WHospitality Marketing   
RRM220WFood & Beverage Operations303
 Totals Conference Services & Marketing /  Hotel Admin15015
 Totals Adventure Leadership13716
Spring Semester  
COMP125Comprehensive Presentation Methods303
RRM225WRRM Internship0186
SOCI120WIntroduction to Economics and Sustainability303
 Total Credits for Year Conference Services & Marketing / Hotel Administration = 30
Total Credits for Year Adventure Leadership = 31
 Total for A.S. Degree – Conference Services & Marketing / Hotel Administration = 60
Total for A.S. Degree – Adventure Leadership = 65

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be prepared to:

  • Utilize the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in resort and recreation management.
  • Demonstrate good communication and interpersonal skills with supervisors, co-workers, and customers.
  • Problem-solve and provide leadership within different work environments.
  • Be sensitive to and supportive of the culturally diverse workplace.

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60-65 Credits Required


of students qualify for financial aid