Student Senate


Student Senate

The experience of attending White Mountains Community College is not limited to the academic life of the student. Our college philosophy is to educate the entire person so that he or she adapts to the ever-changing world.

The Student Senate serves as the governing group for the student body, with representatives elected from each curriculum. These representatives accept the challenges of leadership, authority, and responsibility in dealing with their peers, faculty, and administration.

The Student Senate provides experiences that promote the general welfare of every student, plans social and cultural activities, and manages the expenditure of student funds. Activities may include field day, films, lectures, clubs, athletic and social events. 

The Student Senate meets every Wednesday, at 12:15 p.m. in room 217 on the main campus.  The meetings are video-conferenced with the Littleton Academic Center so students can participate from that location as well. All students are welcome!

Communicate via e-mail with the Student Senate:
Telephone: 752-1113 x 3067

President:  Carol Jean

Vice President: Bryen-Aimee Godin

Secretary/Treasurer:   Jordan Haupaich



Chuck Palmer, Diesel Heavy Equipment Technology Instructor, Room 129.

Martha Laflamme, Vice President of Student Affairs, Room 100.