Summer 2023 Course Schedule

WMCC Scheduling Terms: 

                (asynchronous): Courses are delivered 100% online. There is no set day or time to meet for class. Content is delivered online, and assignments must be submitted                   by the due date.
                (bimodal): Students are free to attend on-campus or remote synchronously through Zoom. The course takes place at the campus listed.
                (hybrid): Courses are  delivered face to face with supplemental synchronous or asynchronous material delivery. Students are expected to attend class at the listed                    location, day(s), and time(s).
                (hyflex): Courses are hybrid and flexible. Students are able to choose between attending face to face, remote synchronously or asynchronously. The face to face                     component of the course will take place at the location listed.
                (NoLo): Courses have no- or low- cost course materials. Either no book or material is needed, or the required materials are under $40.
                (remote synchronous): Courses are delivered through Zoom. Students are expected to attend class remotely at the listed day(s)/time(s). 

Full Semester: May 22nd – August 11th (12 weeks)


Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design
 CRN CourseSection Course Title CRDaysTimesLocationCostFaculty
30116ENGL 120WBY1College Composition (hyflex)4T11am-2pmBerlin/Zoom/Online$940Libby, J
30493ENGL 120CWBC1College Composition Co-requisite 0T2pm-3pmBerlin/Zoom/Online$0Libby, J
30086HUMA 212WZZ1Legal and Ethical Issues (asynchronous)3  Online$705Woodward, A
30507PHIL 140WZZ1Science Fiction and Philosophy (asynchronous) 3  Online$705Verani, J
Business  Business
30495BUS 220WINTBusiness Internship (NoLo)1  Off Campus$235Nutting, N
Communication and Design  Education, Behavioral and Social Science
30108CRMJ 270WINTCriminal Justice Internship3  Off Campus$725Lemoine, J
30118HSV 216WINTInternship in Human Services I4  Off Campus$960Couture, S
30104HSV 221WINTInternship in Human Services II4  Off Campus$960Couture, S
30081PSYC 111WZZ1Psychology (asynchronous) 3  Online$705Carbee, T
30082PSYC 112WZZ1Human Growth & Development  (asynchronous)3  Online$705Leitch, G

Health and Science

Health Sciences and Services
30100BIOL 112WZZ1Nutrition (asynchronous)3  Online$705Innes, M
30084BIOL 114WBH1Human Anatomy & Physiology I – Lecture (hybrid)4T1pm-3:30pmBerlin$1050Turmel, S
30845BIOL 114LWBT1Human Anatomy & Physiology I – Lab 0T3:30pm-6:10pmBerlin$-Turmel, S
30091BIOL 115WLH1Human Anatomy & Physiology II – Lecture (hybrid) 4W3:30pm-6pmLittleton$1050Innes, M
30487BIOL 115LWLT1Human Anatomy & Physiology II – Lab0W6pm-9:10pmLittleton$0Innes, M
30101BIOL 120WBH1Human Biology – Lecture (hybrid)4M3:30pm-6pmBerlin$1050Turmel, S
30489BIOL 120LWBT1Human Biology – Lab0M6pm-9:10pmBerlin$0Turmel, S
30136BIOL 211WLH1Microbiology – Lecture (hybrid)4T4pm-6:30pmLittleton$1050Casciari, J
30488BIOL 211LWLT1Microbiology – Lab 0TH4pm-7:15pmLittleton$0Casciari, J
30120MASS 125WNF1Pathology for the Massage Therapist (5/8-8/18)3TH10am-12:30pmNorth Conway$705Innes, R
30121MASS 135WNF1Deep Tissue Massage (5/8-8/18)3W9am-12:20pmNorth Conway$815TBD
30122MASS 201WNF1Kinesiology (5/8-8/18)3TH3pm-5:30pmNorth Conway$705Soule, K
30123MASS 212WNF1Special Populations Massage (5/8-8/18)1TH1pm-2:40pmNorth Conway$345Innes, R
30124MASS 240WNF1Clinical Internship II (5/8-8/18) 2W1pm-6pmNorth Conway$580Soule, K
30106MEDA 203WINTMedical Assistant Internship 6  Off Campus$1430Daigle, R
30107OTM 117WLH1Medical Terminology (hybrid)3TH3pm-5:30pmLittleton$705Dotzauer, B
 Hospitality and Culinary
30491CULA 200WCOPCulinary Arts Co-op 3  Off Campus$725Giles, T
30492CULA 210WCOPBaking and Pastry Arts Co-op3  Off Campus$725Worthen, G
Humanities   Industry and Transportation
30497CDT 122WLF1Commercial Driver Training – Theory (5/8-5/26)6M-TH8am-2pmLittleton$1410Mundell, P
30498CDT 124WLF1Commercial Driver Training – Behind the Wheel – Range (5/30-8/18)467 hours of practice driving on the range required to complete this courseLittleton$1920Mundell, P
30499CDT 126WLF1Commercial Driver Training – Practicum (5/30-8/18)330 hours of on the road driving required to complete this courseLittleton$1885Mundell, P
30500DEDI 101WZZ1Introduction to Traffic Safety (asynchronous) (5/8-6/9)3  Online$705Doucette, M
30501DEDI 103WZZ1Driver Education Classroom Methods (asynchronous) (6/12-7/14)3  Online$705Doucette, L
30502DEDI 105WLH1In-Vehicle Driver Education Methods (7/17-8/18)       (In class ONLY 8/11)3F9am-4pmLittleton$855Doucette, M
30846DEDI 109WZZ1Alcohol, Drugs, and Driving (asynchronous)3  Online$705Stone, J
30840DEDI 111WZZ1Zone Control (asynchronous) (6/12-7/14)2  Online$470Doucette, M
30088DSL 119WCOPCooperative Education 1  Off Campus$255Pouliot, M
30503INDM 109WLF1Safety in Industry (5/8-6/9)3F8am-4pmLittleton$705TBD
30125WELD 230WBF1Pipe Welding Skills and Principles in Industrial Safety (5/8-8/18) 19M-TH8am-3:30pmBerlin$7935Welding Faculty

STEM & Advanced Manufacturing
30105IST 200WINTIT Internship1  Off Campus$235Couture/Danault
30096MATH 214WZZ1Statistics (asynchronous)4  Online$940Picard, D
30496PHYS 122WBH1Forensic Science (hybrid)4W4pm-8:10pmBerlin$940Garneau, A

10-Week Term: May 22nd-July 28th 

 CRN CourseSection Course Title CRDaysTimesLocationCostFaculty
30852ACCT 114WZZ1Financial Accounting (asynchronous)3  Online$705Johnson, M
30515CRMJ 123WZZ1Criminal Law (asynchronous)4  Online


Lemoine, J
30098ECE 112WZZ1Child Growth and Development (asynchronous)3  Online$725Hart, D

First Half: May 8th-June 23rd (7 weeks)

 CRN CourseSection Course Title CRDaysTimesLocationCostFaculty
30092EDU 201WZZ1Legal Issues in Education (asynchronous)3  Online$725Scott, R
30094ENGL 211WZZ1Professional Writing (asynchronous)3  Online$705Tilton, J
30128PHYS 120WZZ1Astronomy (asynchronous)4  Online$940Holt, J
30097SOCI 111WZZ1Sociology (asynchronous)3  Online$705Warren, D

Second Half: June 26th-August 18th (8 weeks)

 CRN CourseSection Course Title CRDaysTimesLocationCostFaculty
30842ACAD 105WLY1Academic Readiness (hyflex)1W3:30pm-5pmLittleton/Zoom/Online$230Laplante, M
30099ARTS 135WBF1Plein Air Drawing (1 Week: 6/26-6/30) 3M-F8am-4pmBerlin$815Graham, C
30085EDU 200WZZ1Supporting Students with Challenging Behaviors (asynchronous) 4  Online$940Scott, R
30843ENGL 120WLY1College Composition (hyflex)4W5:15pm-8:15pmLittleton/Zoom/Online$940Hall, L
30844ENGL 120CWLC1College Composition Co-requisite (hyflex)0W8:15pm-9:15pmLittleton/Zoom/Online$-Hall, L
30126ENGL 229WZZ1Media and Society (asynchronous)3  Online$705Moberly, S
30506HIST 220WZZ1Liberty and Tyranny (asynchronous)3  Online$705Woodward, A
30087MATH 120WLY1Quantitative Reasoning (hyflex)4R12pm-3pmLittleton/Zoom/Online$940Fox, M
30494MATH 120CWLC1Quantitative Reasoning Co-requisite0R11am-12pmLittleton/Zoom/Online$0Fox, M
30131MATH 124WZZ1College Algebra (asynchronous)4  Online$940Fox, M
30868SOCI 115WBY1Gangs: Theory, Impact, Prevent (hyflex)3R3:30pm-5pmBerlin/Zoom/Online$705Scott, R

     Schedule is subject to change                                                 Course descriptions and Liberal Arts requirements                                      Last Updated: 3/3/2023